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an intimate six-week experience

For women on a mission to live with purpose.

The Body Wisdom Retreat

Everything you need to know is already inside you, as you rise and transform so will the world around you.

Join this community of like-hearted women, who get it!

Six week, virtual retreat filled with community, calls, workshops, mentorship, optional sister circle cohorts and more... 

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Together, we’ll move through guided conversations, self care rituals, body love & wisdom exercises, meditation practices and journaling, in a private community of like-hearted Women supporting you and celebrating you!

We Begin February 7, 2021

The higher you wish to rise, the deeper your roots must be. The thing no one tells you about growth and transformation is that it often feels like chaos and loss, wrapped up in a lot of unknowns.


The level of collective uncertainty in our world is especially high right now, everything is changing and transformation is inevitable. If we hope to navigate our way through this time, we need women deeply rooted, holding the vision of safety, love, abundance and possibility to lead the way.

This is where trust in yourself needs to be dialed up to 10, and ability to withstand the unknown dialed up to infinite possibilities. Self trust is everything, your body holds the wisdom that will illuminate the path.

Before we can talk about growth and rising, we need to sink into our roots and check the soil. Are you caring for yourself, where do you need more support, more nourishment, what responsibilities do you have, what agreements have you made that need strengthening or dissolving to move forward in a new way?

It’s messy out there right now, we can’t afford to be consumed by fear. The world needs you rooted in your brilliance and wisdom.


The journey we take back to our true self is made all the more powerful when you walk it alongside your sisters. Sisters who are traveling down a similar path, the ones who are ready to rise into the Women they know deep down they are, to support you all in unlocking the most powerful parts of yourself so you can truly rise into the Woman that deep down you know you are too.  

As you rise and transform so will the world around you.

I’ve learned that my work is mine to do, just as your work is yours to do, but that it helps tremendously to be supported while you navigate the big questions, untangle all the unknowns, and take the steps necessary to bring you closer to your vision.

White Feather

The Experience

Community & Body Wisdom

  • Live in reciprocity with your body in tune with the cycles of the season.

  • Tend to wounds and mend your relationship with your body to live and feel more fully present and alive. 

  • Connect to your purpose and tend the flames of your heart to bring your vision to life.

  • Find your soul squad of women to support and celebrate.

What you’ll receive...

A six week, online course and community of like hearted women providing connection, support, empowerment, witnessing, honoring and celebrating.

Weekly workshops to support you in mindfulness, body wisdom, healing, relationships, nourishment, self love for thriving in life and more.

Weekly Community Community Calls, to connect, dive deeper into the work, offer support and answer questions.

Beautiful Gifts & Sweet Surprises along the way! 
So much to share with you!

An intimate community of women to journey with through this program, including optional small sister groups.

Guided invitations to work through materials filled with exercises, self care rituals, conversations, meditations, and prompts to integrate into your daily life. 

You’ll be invited to a private and sacred online community, where you can share your process and discoveries with the other Women who are journeying and moving through the program with you.

The cost for this series is $297 per person.
Scalable pricing, sponsorships and scholarships available
to create space for all women

Her Body Code

We have an agreement her and I. 


I won’t criticize the way she feels and she will keep doing her best. 


I won’t judge the way she looks and

she will show me how beautiful she really is. 


I will tend to her and she will recover. 


She will let me know what’s needed and I will listen. 


She will guide me and I will follow. 


I will not neglect you, I said, 


I will support you. 


I’ll cheer you on relentlessly. 


I love you.


This program is for...

Women on a mission to live with purpose who...


  • Feel something calling them forward to share their vision

  • Feel alone, disconnected, lost, or ​uncertain about their current path

  • Want to grow a deeper relationship with their intuition​

  • Want to feel more alive and connected to their body

  • Know there is something more for them but not sure where to start

  • ​Are seeking a deeper sense of healing

  • ​Are seeking a safe space to explore the depths of themselves feeling heard, seen, and supported

  • ​Are ready to rise and are seeking a community of like hearted Women to heal and rise alongside them


If that's you...

There is nothing more true than the wisdom of your body.

When all else fails, when everything else seems to confound and confuse and you're not sure what could be next, there is a constant and limitless source of wisdom and guidance available within you.

Trust that you were built for this.

You already know the way.

If you're ready,

To lean into the power of sisterhood, to feel fully supported by Women who want you to rise, Women who want to hold space for you, empower you and inspire you on the journey, then this is for you.

You’re ready to to explore the depths of yourself in a safe and loving way, you want to witness and support other women to do the same. 


You're ready to remember who you truly are, who you were always meant to be, living the brightest most brilliant version of yourself. 

You're ready to love your body to honor and embrace all that you've been through.

You want to rewrite the rules for the way you show up in your life, to begin the journey of letting go and releasing all that’s no longer serving you.

To arrive back at who you were all along, the Powerful, Magical, Beautiful, Wise, Courageous, Knowing Woman that lives within YOU. Then this is for you love.

Dancing Women


HI Love,


I'm Lisa Malia and I'll be hosting The Body Wisdom Winter Retreat a virtual series, and I can not wait to meet you.


I keep hearing the same message, be WITH the women. I’m not sure if you know this about me but, my career began as a midwife. I guided women through pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. I was so privileged to witness them in their most beautiful and raw power. Midwife literally means with-woman. I have always been wildly passionate about women embracing their full power and advocating for what they KNOW is best for their body.


Life has a way of redirecting us though. At one point, in one of my many redirects, I was hustling in a male dominated industry, in the corporate office, where I was one of only two women and the only woman at the conference table. This was the exact opposite of being a midwife and it challenged me at my core. There were many lessons learned there, and so for that I’ll always be grateful.


Grateful now that I after being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, I remembered. I remembered what I needed, I need to be with the women. With women sharing wisdom, insight, humor, love, support and friendship without judgement. WE NEED THIS. As my treatments were coming to an end I found myself craving this more and more.


I knew that there was more healing to do and more wisdom within me. The doctors had given me the all clear, but I knew if I ever wanted to feel complete and whole again I needed to surround myself with women. I joined an all female yoga studio, and later enrolled in feminine leadership trainings. I started an online support group for all my breast cancer sisters. I joined women's business circles and women's masterminds. I became obsessed with reconnecting, it was and is wonderful, and exactly what I need.


I knew the world needed to be more of this, I wanted more of this and I wanted to have more communities available for all women. That’s why I’ve created these offerings, this is your path to walk, but you don’t need to walk it alone.

With women, this is how we will rise and heal and navigate a new way forward, this is how we will reconnect to ourselves and live into our fullest power.

There's space for everyone.

Join me there!

Scalable pricing, sponsorships and scholarships available.
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