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The Law Of Abundance In Feminine Leadership

Four women sitting on a stage in a panel discussion wearing fun professional attire and the host is in a pink dress.

Once you learn to trust the law of abundance, you’ll tap into limitless possibilities and begin the journey of becoming the most resourced woman.

A resourced woman is someone who has a regenerative flow of resources in one or more areas of her life to use or contribute to personal growth, well being, her family, her community, her business, projects, organizations or anything she cares deeply about.

The reality is that abundance and possibility is for everyone. This is the essence of feminine leadership.

There is more than enough if we can unteather ourselves from habits, systems and beliefs that create scarcity, fear, competition and self doubt.

There are six main areas in which a woman can be resourced, these are by no means all there is but they are a foundation for which to grow from.

When cultivated in alignment with your soul's highest self, any area can create sustainable change and leave a lasting legacy of impact for good with far reaching ripples that exceed what you can imagine.

✅ Health, Vitality and Energy

✅ Knowledge, Wisdom and Education

✅ Financial Abundance or Influence in financial decision making and advising

✅ Spiritual Guidance and Teachings, Love for Self and all Beings

✅ Charisma, Nurturing and Healing, Presence

✅ Creativity and Vision

When we each embrace our gifts in collaboration, we weave a web of infinite possibility. Limitless possibility is fueled by gratitude, which allows you to tap into the moment and notice what is right in front of you.

What would you do differently if you fully trusted in abundance? How would you feel and how would you engage with the world around you?

If you’re in a place where you are struggling to identify with or claim resourcefulness in any area mentioned above, consider which one calls to your soul and sparks an emotion or idea. What can you do to nourish that craving and where can you ask for support?

Start where you are and cultivate each of the areas listed above to align your gifts, resources and values with your sacred purpose and develop regenerative practices to support your greater good. lm


Ready to dive deeper and go further? There's two ways you can work with me directly right now to really align with your intentions and elevate your energy and the work you do for the year ahead.

This is a REMEMBERING to evoke your innate gifts, power, worthiness, intuitive abilities, love, genius and capacity to impact the world around you.

For two months we’ll work together to develop practices that set you up to meet your day with confidence and clarity so that you can bring your attention into direct alignment with your purpose and intention. Step into your highest self, bring projects to life and embody your leadership with regenerative practices for a lasting legacy and your most beautiful life.


A Revolutionary, Somatic and Spiritual approach to Building, Creating and Leading your dream projects, programs and systems for the outcomes and experiences you desire.

1:1 fully integrative experience. We meet for a two days in person retreat or online.

Embody the dreams you carry and hold your power with integrity and create all that you desire. Bring everything you know about feminine rhythms into your vision and business.

Six spots are open. If you're not sure which one is best for you just reply to this email and we can talk to design the best option for you.

With love, excitement and anticipation for your next season,

Lisa Malia



May we choose the way of love again and again and again.

May we lean into the qualities of feminine leadership to guide us and inform us to lead in a new way in every arena of our lives.

THE WARRIOR: They seek to improve the quality of life for all beings. ​

THE WEAVER: They have the unique ability to see how things are interconnected. ​

THE PROTECTOR: They are highly intuitive. They protect their energy and environment and show others how to as well. ​

THE WAY-SHOWER: They lead by example and break old toxic cycles and patterns. ​

THE MIDWIFE: They create space for transformation and shine a light on the brilliance of others. ​

THE VISIONARY: They’re a natural channel to what’s possible and a gateway to the new paradigm. ​

THE CHANGE-MAKER: They help to create meaningful impact and bring new ideas to life. ​

THE CREATRIX: They show us that we can face difficult times and still experience joy.


THE SAGE: They hold the vibration of love and call upon the masses to rise up as needed.

May we restore, repair, reimage and reignite.

May we choose the way of love again and again and again.


Lisa Malia​



The Intention Challenge is ongoing, you can always jump in and access all the resources and connect with the women in the group here: The Intention Challenge Group. Need a copy of The Intention Planner? You can buy it here: Shop The Intention Planner

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