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Three Ways (for each archetype) To Fill Your Cup, Mind, Body + Soul

Hello Love,

What's in your cup? Literally and figuratively.

This is one of my favorite questions.

First, [literally] I'm very much obsessed with anything that can hold a craft beverage that's been created with intention and care. Wether you are taking a quiet moment for yourself with a cup of tea or connecting with a friend over a cup of coffee or celebrating or honoring a moment, we often do it with a cup in hand, to evoke presence. Especially, if you are in the wellness space there's no shortage of potent supplements to drink to provide more energy and vitality.

So, I love to know what you're enjoying, how you're replenishing and connecting.

Second, [figuratively] what is giving you life right now? What is filling your energetic cup, that lights your soul on fire and gives you the energy you need to show up feeling clear and empowered? I listed a few that I'm diving into below.


  1. Skip the "to go" cup. Sit down with a real cup or glass and just let yourself indulge in the moment. Create that special beverage and let yourself receive it, either on your own or with a loved one. Set the phone down and let yourself be in the moment.

  2. Tap into inspiration. Daily inspiration from a book (I know you have a stack on your shelf to choose from) or a podcast. Something you can dive into for at least 10 minutes and give it your full attention, driving or walking while listening works. Atlas of The Heart, by Brene Brown, is a beautiful book if you need a good recommendation.

  3. Tips to energize, light up and empower each Feminine Leadership Archetype are listed below:

For The Warrior: Actively pursuing a goal, take one intentional step toward that vision and share it.

For The Creatrix: Write, sing, play or dance for the sheer pleasure of it to process and alchemize what wants to come through you.

For The Visionary: Connect with nature and its abundance to evoke limitless possibility.

For The Weaver: Research a new project or idea and indulge in the path it takes you down.

For The Protector: Time with loved ones feeling fully present and connected in conversation or in community.

For The Sage: Time in reflection and meditation tapping into the bigger picture and essence of love.

For The Way-Shower: Learn something new or try something new with a friend or loved one, and enjoy the company.

For The Change-Maker: Brainstorm and share new ideas, dive into conversation on new concepts and methods and solutions for the fun of it to open up the possibilities.

For The Midwife: Time in ritual and/or ceremony tending to your self care practices in community and having your brilliance reflected back to you. BONUS: Join me on Instagram for live "What's In Your Cup?" Feminine Leadership Coffee Chats as I dive into conversation with women in my community, shine a light on their brilliance and learn about what is giving them life, filling their cup and how they've connected with their purpose and work.

Wednesdays at 11:15am PT. Catch last weeks live with Daisy Mack of Spiritual Mixtape HERE on IG​ Don't know your Feminine Leadership Archetype yet? You can take the free quiz! ​Free Feminine Leadership Archetype Quiz

I'd love to see hear what's filling your cup, feel free to reach out and let me know or just say hi! With much love,



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