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What Is Your Purpose and How Do You Use It?

When you connect to your sacred purpose your access to clarity becomes more easeful. Your access to joy becomes more available.

Things get complicated and overwhelming when we let the value's and expectations of others drive our actions. Some may call this people pleasing or even over giving which is exhausting and if you ask me it's mostly unsatisfying.

I don't actually believe over giving is a real thing if it comes from an aligned and sacred intention. For instance the sun does not over give to the earth, it simply shines with all its might fulfilling its purpose at all times, being regenerated by its own fire within.

Living in your purpose can actually fill you up and nourish you and give you that light energy that you so desire to have a greater capacity to give and receive the clarity and joy you seek.

I'll be speaking more about this Friday, November 19 at 11am PST if you want to join me on Zoom or in The Connected Circle Facebook Group and I'll share more about a free upcoming masterclass to embody your purpose with intention and ritual and how to use it as a guide moving forward to bring you more fulfillment, ease and joy.

You can sign up HERE to join.

I can't wait to see you there!



I have four new 1:1 VIP Retreat Days and Private Coaching spots available. These typically fill fast so if you're curious about working with me schedule your free clarity call with me today and we can see if this is the right fit for you now.

Working with me one to one is a fully personalized experience where we reignite and reimagine your life. We start off with a 90-minute Deep Dive private call, laying the foundation of where you are today and creating the vision you're holding for how you want your life to be and how you want to feel. Once we establish that this is exactly what you need, we agree to work together over the next four months to support you in living your most satisfying, expressed life yet. I’m here to support you over the next 4 months as you implement everything that comes up during your Deep Dive.​

As you work through your blocks, I’ll help you learn how to be more vulnerable, more compassionate with yourself, handle disappointment, overwhelm and define your boundaries, ask for what you need and want for yourself and your relationships, drop old habits and patterns, discover your purpose, passion in your work, start or change career, reconnect to your deepest desires, heal your heart, fall in love with your body and more. In addition to our 8, one hour long bi-weekly sessions, you’ll have email and Voxer support from me so you stay connected to your work and continue moving forward. You'll also receive a Private VIP Integration + Embodiment Retreat day to complete this cycle together. More details about the retreat day are below.

​VIP Integration + Embodiment Retreat Day Includes:

Deep dive, vision planning and intention setting

​Coaching, embodiment and planning session to access your sacred purpose for deeper clarity

Personalized integration rituals

Custom VIP Retreat Kit

Custom resource bundle for your daily practice

Nourishment, relaxation and more...

Live and virtual options available let't talk and see which is best for you. Let's begin!


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