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Welcome to The Body Love Giveaway, I've received your entry and have two sweet gifts to share with you just for being here! It's especially important this time of year to care for and nurture our bodies in a loving way so that we can fully embrace the joy of the season! What is it that you truly need and desire for yourself right now?

Self Love IS LOVE Self love is where love begins, we have the ability to cultivate love within ourselves first, we can show up and give love to the world we care about without depleting ourselves. We can nurture that love within ourselves with self care, and self love so we can give in a way that fills us up rather than rob us of our joy. Body love is just one way of showing up for ourselves, with compassion to replenish more of that never ending supply of love.


Who could use more of that? Yes, please!


The winner of The Body Love Giveaway will be announced on December 10th. Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I'll be announcing the winner and sharing all my body love secrets with you leading up to the big day.

I have Four Spots Open in my One to One Coaching program. I'd love to chat with you if you are needing support to reconnect to your true self, and live the way you know you were always meant to, being connected to your life's purpose. If you’re ready to lean into your fullest potential, remember who you truly are, embrace who you have always been, ready to feel fully supported to rise, to be empowered and inspired on your journey, then this is for you. This program is open to anyone who feels called to be supported in this way. We are all survivors after all.


Your first gift is my Body Love Playlist, you can download it HERE. Ok I have more than one Body Love Playlist but we'll start with this one. This list makes my body want to move in all kinds of ways, happy, thoughtful, soft, fun, sexy, silly and so on... The idea is to simply let go, dance and move in a judgment free zone, free from your self judgement on how you should look. This is about feeling the music and letting it move through your body with love and compassion. Dance all of it out, let any emotions that rise up be there and flow freely through you. Connect to your spirit, that inner light that ignites when you move and feel all that juicy goodness within you. Use that light to navigate your way through your day. Every. Day.

My second gift to you is one of my favorite Fall Lip Scrub Recipe. I don't know about you but this weather has my lips feeling chapped and dry and I'd like to show them a little bit of love. Mix together 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil, 2 tablespoons organic brown sugar, and 1 teaspoon honey, 1/4 tsp cinnamon. If you're sensitive to cinnamon you can leave it out. The coconut oil is hydrating, the honey is healing, the sugar is a sweet exfoliator, and the cinnamon increases circulation. Use a generous amount of the mixture to massage on your lips and leave on for 1-2 minutes, then simply rinse with a warm cloth for a lovely smile all day long. Follow up with your favorite lip treatment, here's a link to My Favorite Lip Conditioner HERE Enjoy!


Sending you so much love,


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