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Welcome to the Warrioress Re-treatment

Hi Love,

I'm so glad you're here, I have an amazing six days planned for us and I can hardly wait to get started. No matter where you're at in your cancer diagnosis or healing journey there's a place for you in this community. The most significant lesson I Iearned during my recovery was this; if I ever wanted to feel complete and whole again I needed to surround myself with like hearted women reconnecting to our true selves.


I knew there needed to be more women coming together to witness and celebrate each other, I wanted more of this. I wanted more healing communities available for all women going through and recovering from breast cancer. This is your path to walk, but you don’t need to walk it alone.


You may also want to join our private Facebook community, Warrioress Workshops it isn’t required to participate but I believe it adds a great value to your experience in the program. There you can connect with myself and the other women. I’ll also be popping in with daily check-ins and would love to see you in there.


This journey is exponentially more valuable when we bring our full selves and open hearts. If you know any women who would be a welcome addition to the program please share the invitation with them.  


With much love,

Lisa Malia

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