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Reimagine and Embody Retreat

Isn’t it time you unleashed your true self, started showing up authentically, and harnessed your innate wisdom, passion and gifts to step into the fullness of the woman you were designed to be?

Clear the path for a new way forward to create space for more clarity in the year ahead....

In this one-day virtual retreat, you’ll be supported as you step into your authentic strength and release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Not only will you be guided by a mentor who has been your shoes, but you’ll also be supported by like-minded, like-hearted women who completely understand where you are. 


During our 4 hours together, you’ll learn how to …

  • Clear out the noise of unmet expectations and connect to your innate brilliance so you can reimagine living the life that is meant for you .

  • Let go of obstacles that are blocking you from what you truly desire to create space for more clarity in the year ahead.

  • Develop self trust, following your intuition and creating intentions for living in alignment with your heart's desire. 

  • Lean into your feminine power and use it as a guide to move you forward. 

PLUS… you’ll receive tangible tools to help implement the principals you’ve learned:

  • Coaching to access your innate wisdom for deeper clarity

  • Deep dive, vision planning and intention setting

  • Embodiment and planning session

  • Develop personal integration rituals

  • Personally Curate Resources for your daily practice

  • Body + Breath for Clarity Meditation gift bundle 

  • Nourishment, relaxation, connection and more…

Are you ready to clear the path and embrace a new way forward?

January 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM (PST)

This retreat is normally offered at $497. 
Join us now for $247 and receive the Body + Breath Clarity Bundle!
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