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Create the life and impact you desire in full alignment with your calling and souls purpose for deep satisfaction, joy and a lasting legacy.

There's a shift happening in the way we want to live and lead and work, just you being here tells me you feel it too.  We have more women than ever stepping into leadership roles or stepping out to create their own businesses and those desperately wanting to do the work they love in a way that doesn't deplete them to the point of burn out, exhaustion or illness.

There is a better way...
What if I were to tell you that you can gather with like minded, like hearted purpose driven women who get it, lay it all down, do the inner work, explore the depths of the new paradigm of leadership and expand your capacity to bring your vision and work to life.  What if I told you that it could even be more expansive, more than you hoped for, fun even.
We can't expect things to change if we keep showing up in the same way.

I know it’s sometimes challenging to feel embodied, aligned or satisfied especially when…


You want to develop your leadership but too exhausted from doing all the things to even ask for help or be able to devote time to the inner work that you know will support you.


You're holding all the people and projects and teams together but don’t have a place lay it all down and show up authentically.


You perform and succeed and lead but don’t experience joy or satisfaction from their accomplishments and are tired of the many "masks" and "hats" you wear to make it all happen, feeling disconnected from who you are versus how you show up in your work.


You know that the current way you're existing isn’t sustainable, something is out of alignment and know that there is a better way of operating and showing up. 


Women in leadership don’t want to repeat the same mistakes of the exhaustive and extractive toxic patriarchal ways. They know there is a better way.


You have a big vision for the way things ought to be, awakening to a calling and a greater purpose, have all the strategy in place but your soul is yearning for something more, you're being called to expand in new ways, and desire to grow intuitively and spiritually.


Or, ache for the destruction happening in the world today and feel a deep calling to lead in a new way. 

You’re not alone,


More women than ever are seeking connection, fulfillment and mentorship, stepping into leadership roles and founding organizations and feeling called to do things differently and create meaningful impact in alignment with their purpose and calling. 


It doesn’t need to be so hard but it will require courage and devotion to what you know in your bones is possible.

The Feminine Leadership Immersion


For twelve weeks we'll gather twice a week for workshops, coaching and embodiment practices and rituals, guest mentors and so much more... 
More Mentors Than Ever Before...

We have more support and mentors than ever before. Spiritual Guides, Ceremonialists, Nutritionists, Time, Energy and Money Management and Storytelling Experts for Owning Your Message and so much more.... during our weekly live workshops.

It's all here in one place! 

When you join they become part of your personal resource team and are there to support your development.
Expand the possibility
in a community of leaders and visionaries like you who get it, who know what it's like to be the one holding it all and need a place to land so you can be held while you do the inner work to support you in showing up for the outer work. And have a great time doing it.

If you feel the pull at all,   
you belong here.

What we'll cover...

Each week will have a new theme to dive into. One live coaching call and one live integration circle per week.
EVOKE Sacred Purpose
  • Soul aligned manifestation

  • Your leadership archetypes

  • The key to being a resourced woman

  • Your purpose, lineage and legacy

EVOKE Aligned Impact
  • Tuning into the collective for greater meaning and impact
  • Weaving social good into your work
  • Wealth and women change makers
  • Regenerative business practices
  • Embodied Leadership

EVOKE Life as Ritual

  • Exquisite self care

  • Your body wisdom

  • Saying yes to your calling

  • Develop massive self trust in your intuition

  • Transforming obstacles into fuel for your work

  • Cultivating from abundant love

  • Tending sacred spaces

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If you feel the full body yes, ENROLL now...


SAVE MY SEAT BONUS - Archetype Analysis Report.

SAVE MY SEAT BONUS - Ticket for in person retreat in Southern California.

SAVE MY SEAT BONUS - Annual Membership into feminine leadership community.

SAVE MY SEAT BONUS - Access to my community Breathwork Portal of on demand sessions.

ALL IN - PAYMENT PLAN BONUS - All the above PLUS 60 min, 1:1 Immersion Coaching Call. 


DEEP DIVE - PAY IN FULL BONUS - All the above PLUS Deep Dive Blueprint Design + 90 min 1:1 coaching call and Private Voxer 

Over $1800 in bonuses...and many more surprises along the way.

This is just the beginning.

Are you ready to dive in?

Select The Best Payment Option For You AND Save Your Seat! Get started with a bonus 1:1 Session Today.
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I’m Lisa Malia, Embodied Leadership Coach + Nonprofit Founder and CEO. I'm here to help you do the inner work so you can show up feeling fully aligned in your purpose and leading the way forward. As a nonprofit founder and mother of three women, I understand the complexities of doing meaningful work, the impact we have and the desire to create a lasting legacy for the next generation.
If you have questions and want to connect before diving in, let's chat.  Schedule a call with me. 
What  The Alumni Are Saying...

"The EVOKE Leadership Immersion program was amazing! I’m so grateful to have been a part of the enlightening experience and enjoyed my time with the collective. So worth the investment in myself!" - Jazmine 
This was my first time being a member of a multi-month women's group, and for me the commitment to showing up as I am weekly led me on a journey of self recognition, acceptance, love, and celebration. Here, I learned the beautiful meaning of dedication to oneself as ritual, as well as the importance of leading from my intuition. Truly, for me, EVOKE was a magical experience in which I came to honor my femininity, claim my sovereignty, and step into my power as a woman. I also learned the wonderful benefits of breathwork! I will cherish the memories forever.”
Danielle Brown
"As a 26-year-old Black woman in a PhD program it is easy for me to feel excluded from collective spaces at times or that I must hide parts of myself to be accepted. However, the space fostered within EVOKE was the exact opposite; the more messy, unraveled, real, and raw I showed up, the greater the sense of support I felt from my fellow group members."
“Being a part of EVOKE: The Feminine Leadership Immersion in Fall 2022 was a much needed grounding space to practice presence during a rough transitional phase in my life - personally, professionally, and spiritually. "
You belong here.
What I want you to know is, I believe that women like you have a unique role in the next paradigm of leadership and that it's up to us to create a new way of being and leading and showing up for the work you do, so that you can create the impact you desire with regenerative practices in full alignment with your calling and souls purpose for deep satisfaction, joy and a lasting legacy. And I know we can best do this in community to amplify our intentions and our collective will.
All women and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers around the experiences of women are welcome.
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