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Remembering The Warrioress™

A four month online course and community for female cancer survivors

reclaiming self, and empowerment through healing in sisterhood.

Join this community of like-hearted women, who get it.

Remember who you truly are, love and heal your wounds to 

celebrate the warrioress in you!

You don't want cancer to define you, but you also know that you're not the same woman you were before cancer. This diagnosis has forced you to look more closely at how you're spending your energy and living your life. You want more, you have a deeper knowledge of how valuable each moment of your life is and now it's time to rewrite your story and live the way you were meant to live all along, taking nothing for granted, living brighter and loving more deeply than ever before.

When I began my journey back to my true self, I had to let go of many the expectations I'd placed upon myself, I became profoundly aware of expectations I'd allowed others to place on me too.  Expectations about who I was, what I should be doing with my life, my time, how I should be feeling and looking. I had to let all of it go. What I most longed for during this time was to have a community around me, of women who get it, to feel supported, heard and most importantly to not feel alone. Isn't that what we all desire, to be seen as we are?

The more I searched for it, the more it came into being, and I started walking my journey with a tribe of sisters around me. Women who truly wanted to see me rise, who wanted to support me, who held space for me, empowered and inspired me and in turn taught me how to do the same for them. We are all just mirrors after all, mirroring our truths back to one another.

Thats why I’ve created this offering...


The journey we take back to our true self is made all the more powerful when you walk it alongside your sisters. Sisters who are traveling down that same path, the ones who are ready to rise into the Women they know deep down they are, to support you all in unlocking the most powerful parts of yourself so you can truly rise into the Woman that deep down you know you are too.  


This four month course and community will support you by guiding you gently back to that space, while you journey with a tribe of soul sisters beside you. This is your journey to take but you don't need to walk it alone.

Receive a bonus 1:1 Private Mentoring Session with Lisa when you register.

Together, with guest mentors and experts in relationships, mindfulness, nutrition, wellness and fitness for female survivors, we’ll move through guided conversations, self care rituals, body love exercises, meditation practices and journaling, in a private community of like-hearted Women supporting you and celebrating you. And we'll have many gifts and surprises in store for you along the way!

We Begin December 10, 2018

What you’ll receive...

A four month online course and community of like hearted women providing connection, support, empowerment, witnessing, honoring and celebrating.

Guest mentor workshops to support you in mindfulness, body love, healing, relationships, nutrition, self love for survivors, thriving at life and more.

Bi-weekly Community Community Calls. We'll meet live twice a month to connect, dive deeper into the work, offer support and answer questions.

Beautiful Gifts & Sweet Surprises along the way! 
So much to share with you!

An intimate community of women to journey with through this program, including optional small sister groups.

Guided invitations to work through materials filled with exercises, self care rituals, conversations, meditations, and prompts to integrate into your daily life. 

You’ll be invited to a private and sacred online community, where you can share your process and discoveries with the other Women who are journeying and moving through the program with you.

The cost for this course is $697 per person.
Because of our affiliates and the capacity we have to reach more women we're able to bring the individual investment down to $197, with 
 $147 for a limited time.

We need each other

Are you ready to begin the journey, the courageous journey back to your true self?​

$49 Monthy payment plan available.

Unlock the parts of yourself that you've kept tucked away to “get by” perhaps you’ve had to play the role of the strong one or power through treatments without letting yourself truly feel and process all that you’ve been through. Maybe you’ve done it all and can’t believe that you’ve made it this far and also feeling lost, not sure of what’s next or how to go back to normal life. 


During treatments, like many survivors I became a pro at getting through treatments by detaching from my body to allow the necessary procedures to happen. I got so good at it that I didn't realize how disconnected I was becoming from not just my body but from my true self, my heart, mind and spirit too. I didn’t recognize myself anymore, I did’t recognize the woman in the mirror or even the way I felt in my body, nothing was familiar. The way I thought and felt about everything was different.

It’s difficult knowing where to begin and you’re worried you might disappoint the people around you. You want to embrace every moment that comes your way, you’re grateful to be here, you really are, but dang... it’s hard knowing where to begin. We can’t do this alone.


In the Warrioress sisterhood, you will heal your heart and spirit in a community of women who will lift you up in solidarity.


The Mentors


Veronica Grant:


Meet Veronica and get ready to finally throw out everything you've ever learned about love and relationships. After a cancer diagnosis we often feel different, our needs change and our relationships change, sometimes they suffer. Veronica will host a workshop on clearing any blocks you have to finding love or re-finding love with your current partner to create the ideal relationship. 


Anyone who's single or wanting to rekindle/deepen their relationship with their current partner will LOVE this session.


A few of her guilty pleasures (a must-have for recovering perfectionists!) include: binge watching HGTV, hiking with her husband and pup, and sushi everything. You can learn more about her work here at You can also get her free gift here, 7 Things Every Woman Needs To Find Love The checklist gives a good flavor to the work she does.

Veronica headshot.jpg

More mentors being added...

Norma Rubio:

Through a long-winding journey Norma has landed upon her true calling; sharing the practices of mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion. At her core, Norma has always longed to deepen her own experiences through meditation. Through her training at UCLA and through UCSD, she evolved into a meditation guide. Norma has also been trained in the Mindful School's curriculum.


Her greatest intention is to cultivate a safe and authentic environment for others to become closer to who they really are through the practice of meditation. She believes we all have the wisdom inside ourselves to heal and become more at ease in our busy lives. Throughout her demanding career as a tv producer/writer in news and entertainment, she discovered great freedom through meditation.


She’s also the host of the recent Inner Peace Masterclass series where she interviewed more than a dozen thought leaders on the subject of Inner Peace. She is honored to be sharing her love for mindfulness and meditation with the Warrioress Community. Learn more about Norma at:  or

This program is for...

Women who have been diagnosed with cancer, at any point in active treatment or years post treatment who...


  • Feel alone, disconnected, lost, and ​uncertain about their current path

  • ​Want to reconnect back to their true spirit but don't know where to start

  • ​Are seeking a deeper sense of healing

  • ​Are seeking a safe space to explore the depths of themselves feeling heard, seen, and supported

  • ​Are ready to rise and are seeking a community of like hearted Women to heal and rise alongside them


If that's you...


If you’re ready to lean into the power of sisterhood, to feel fully supported by Women who want you to rise, Women who want to hold space for you, empower you and inspire you on the journey, then this is for you.

You’re ready to to explore the depths of yourself in a safe and loving way, you want to witness and support other women to do the same. 


You're ready to remember who you truly are, who you were always meant to be, living the brightest most brilliant version of yourself. 

You're ready to love your body to honor and embrace all that you've been through.

You want to rewrite the rules for the way you show up in your life, to begin the journey of letting go and releasing all that’s no longer serving you.

To arrive back at who you were all along, the Powerful, Magical, Beautiful, Wise, Courageous, Knowing Warrioress that lives within YOU. Then this is for you love.


I keep hearing the same message latey, be WITH the women. I’m not sure if you know this about me but, my first career was that of a midwife. I guided women through pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. I was so privileged to witness them in their most beautiful and raw power. Midwife literally means with-woman. I have always been wildly passionate about women embracing their full power and advocating for what they KNOW is best for their body.


Life has a way of redirecting us though. At one point, in one of my many redirects, I was hustling in a male dominated industry, in the corporate office, where I was one of only two women.  This was the exact opposite of being a midwife. There were many lessons learned there, and so for that I’ll always be grateful.


Grateful now that I after being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, I remembered. I remembered what I needed, I need to be with the women. With women sharing wisdom, insight, humor, love, support and friendship without judgement. WE NEED THIS. As my treatments were coming to an end I found myself craving this more and more.


I knew that there was more healing to do. The doctors had given me the all clear, but I knew if I ever wanted to feel complete and whole again I needed to surround myself with women. I joined an all female yoga studio, and later enrolled in feminine leadership trainings. I started an online support group for all my breast cancer sisters. I joined womens business circles and womens masterminds. I became obsessed with reconnecting, it was and is wonderful, and exactly what I need.


I knew there needed to be more of this, I wanted more of this and I wanted to have healing communities available for women specifically going through breast cancer. That’s why I’ve created these offerings, this is your path to walk, but you don’t need to walk it alone.


I found that witnessing the raw power and beauty of a woman facing breast cancer, is a lot like witnessing them in childbirth, and the message is the same, be with the women. This is how we will heal, this is how we will reconnect to ourselves and experience our fullest strength.

I'd love to see you there!

Regular price $197

$49 Monthly payment plan available, you can select this option during checkout.
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