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You're in!

I'm so glad you're here love! I have an amazing four months planned for us and I can hardly wait to get started. No matter where you're at in your cancer diagnosis or healing journey there's a place for you in this community.

The most significant lesson I've Iearned during my recovery was this; if I ever wanted to feel complete and whole again I needed to surround myself with like-hearted women, reconnecting to our true selves.

I knew there needed to be more women coming together to witness and celebrate each other, I wanted more of this. I wanted more healing communities available for all women going through and recovering from cancer. This is your path to walk, but you don’t need to walk it alone.

This journey is exponentially more valuable when we bring our full selves and open hearts. If you know any women who would be a welcome addition to the program please share the invitation with them.

Especially now as we head into the holiday season, we need to support each other now more than ever. As we both know, life after diagnosis changes us, our perspective on all aspects of life changes. And the truth is we really want to enjoy our lives and be able to fully show up as our best selves possible. It's tough to go it alone though and there's a whole new set of rules to live by.

There's a layer of healing that only we can do for ourselves, to learn to love ourselves, all over again. It begins with divine self care for the female cancer survivor, to connect back to your true self and arrive back at who you were all along, the Powerful, Magical, Beautiful, Wise, Courageous, Knowing Warrioress that lives with in YOU.


The course begins December 10th. Keep an eye on your inbox for details and announcements leading up to our start date.

Please also request to join the private Facebook group especially created for this course:

Remembering The Warrioress

If you aren't already a member of my Workshop group you are welcome to join me there too. There'll be giveaways and loads of great conversations happening in our the group you won't want to miss it so hop on over there now and request to join Warrioress Workshops

This November in the Warrioress Tribe we'll be celebrating the season of thanks with, Two Daily Gratitudes and a NO. It's our way of preparing for the season of giving, without giving ourselves completely away and missing out on the joy of the season. But, FIRST you'll need to create your non-negotiable, absolute gotta have it, can't live without it YES list! check out the pinned post in the group for details. 

With Love, Lisa

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