Image by Max Anderson

A Course in Clarity

Over these five days together we will dive into five access points to unleash your deepest truth.Topics we'll cover include:
Feminine wisdom, Self Trust, Trusting your Intuition, Trusting your Vision, Ritual vs Routine, Intentional practices for intentional living, Sacred Choice and creating the life you desire.

Part One

Self Trust

Follow your intuition, have  the ability to clear doubt and discern what feedback and opinions are valid.

Part Two

Trusting Your Vision

If you feel a deeper sense of joy and purpose calling you. It is.

Part Three

Trust the Process

Hold your vision ahead of you.

Part Four
Stay Curious
Stay curious and be willing.

Part Five

Connection + Community

Reach out to your soul squad.


Join us for The Embodied Leadership Immersion 

February 10 - 13 2022 

Clear the path for a new way forward to create space for more clarity in the year ahead....