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Beyond Mindset: How to Quickly Amplify + Expand Your Legacy and Impact.

drop of water rippling out.

I'm thrilled to bring you a transformative new conversation straight from our latest episode of The Sacred Purpose Podcast. This episode dives deep into the core of feminine leadership, enriching our understanding of abundance, and how we can navigate it in our daily lives and collective experiences to expand your legacy and impact.

Redefine + Explore the Essence of Abundance in Leadership

Lisa Malia eloquently discusses how abundance isn't merely having more, but an energetic alignment that involves belief, trust, and the sharing of resources. She sheds light on detaching from the "more equals more" mindset and embracing a balanced flow of giving and receiving. This thoughtful approach ensures that we not only grow individually but also empower the community around us.

You can tune in here: On 🎧 Spotify or 🎧 Itunes or YouTube

In this episode I unpack the "Law of Abundance in Feminine Leadership." I breakdown the traditional and transformative views of abundance, particularly emphasizing its significance as a feminine energy that fundamentally shapes our actions, beliefs, and impacts on a global scale.

We'll challenge the conventional hustle for more, advocating instead for a system of energetic alignment where abundance means more than accumulation to bring about more shared success and how embracing this mindset can shift the dynamics of leadership and personal growth, fostering a world where resources flow more freely and more inclusively.

So, tune in as we explore how to harness this powerful energy to lead, inspire, and transform, not just our immediate environments but the global community.

Join Our Workshop and Community

Ready to dive in? We have just the right opportunity for you! Lisa Malia is hosting a transformative workshop titled "The Abundant Feminine Leader," live on May 21st. This is your chance to explore these principles in detail and start applying them to your life and leadership style.

Workshop Registration: The Abundant Feminine Leader

To ensure this opportunity is accessible, we encourage you to check the link in the episode notes. If cost is a concern, reach out directly, and we'll assist in making arrangements for you.

Apply to The Feminine Leadership Mastermind once you complete the application we'll schedule a call to get you all the information you need to decide if this is for you.

Let’s Stay Connected!

We are gearing up for more enriching content and interactive sessions. Don’t forget to join our upcoming community gatherings and mastermind groups aimed at nurturing and implementing the principles of abundant feminine leadership.

We'd love for you to share your insights and reflections after listening to the episode. What does abundance mean in your life and leadership?

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I'm Lisa Malia, a women's health advocate, Midwife and Feminine Wisdom Embodied Leadership Coach, Nonprofit CEO, breast cancer survivor and mother of three incredible young women. I'm so grateful to have you here, on this journey with me.I help women on a mission to live with purpose have a more joy filled life, connected to their innate brilliance with trust, clarity and love.

Supporting women is my life's work, first as a midwife and later as a breast cancer advocate, coach and support community creator. I've witnessed how powerful women are even in, and perhaps especially in, their most vulnerable states, birthing a child or facing a cancer diagnosis. Witnessing the raw beauty and power of women in these moments is a privilege that has guided and inspired my beliefs and what I know to be true about all women.

I believe every woman has this innate beauty and strength within her, regardless of circumstances or experiences. Whether or not a woman has physically birthed a child or faced a cancer diagnosis the wisdom and power is there. I work with women to remind them of this deep truth to guide them through all of life's transitions.

If you'd like more information on how to work with me and we how we can start exploring what your needs are. You can learn more about me and my work and schedule a call HERE


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