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Elements of Leadership for Every Project

These three elements are the foundation of my business and the work I do 1:1 with my clients and teams to create new offerings or rework old ones to improve strategy, collaboration and trust in the vision.

I'm sharing it with you today so you can see how they work together to create regenerative solutions, build better practices and improve outcomes in a way that is spiritually expansive and energetically aligned.

We have more women than ever stepping into leadership roles or stepping out to create their own businesses and those desperately wanting to do the work they love in a way that doesn't deplete them to the point of burn out, exhaustion or illness. They know they have more to offer and they want to feel like the work they do is meaningful and fulfilling. There is a better way...

  1. Sacred Purpose - Embodied and soul aligned manifestation of your gifts and your visions. Bringing forward your innate wisdom that is meant for this time.

  2. Aligned Impact - Harness collective wisdom and interconnectedness to create meaningful impact through regenerative practices for a lasting legacy.

  3. Life as Ritual - Create, cultivate and produce from a place of abundant love. Fully connect to bodies, our resources and our highest self to be in sacred agreement with life.

The work I do goes much deeper than this it's a fully immersive experience where everyone's brilliance has a place to shine and be seen. It is spiritually expansive brings harmony and soul alignment to the intention and the legacy you're creating.

If you're leading a team, a business or creating something new or want to refine your vision and want support incorporating these elements into the foundation of your strategy. Send me a message. This work is powerful and I would love to support you.

This work isn't only for women, this wisdom will benefit all beings and stakeholders. Let's dive in. Message me using one of the links below and we can create a custom experience for you or you and your team.

Connect with me via LinkedIn:


Lisa works with leaders to help them develop their personal, professional and spiritual growth and learn new skills for leading to harness collective wisdom, trust their teams and the vision that brought them together to have more meaningful and impactful work.

Lisa created the signature leadership program EVOKE, The Feminine Leadership Immersion, to bring more women together who want to live with greater clarity, purpose and joy through intention, ritual and mentorship as we navigate a new way forward without burnout, costing us our health and our relationships.

Lisa has a Masters in the Science of Midwifery. After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 Lisa expanded her services toward breast density notification policies, advocacy and survivor support and founded the nonprofit organization For The Love of Cups.

Lisa is a breast cancer survivor and mama of three grown daughters. She can usually be found in CA, OR or WA with family, attempting yoga, in a retreat or enjoying a coffee.


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