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Feeling Shift Creek

Shifts Creek, is the best way I can describe all my best laid plans for 2020. I know I’m not alone in this. At first, as shelter-in-place orders rolled out, I cancelled plans, and tried to make new ones. That was futile. Now, there are no plans, only shifting, followed by stillness, listening, flow, more shifting and sometimes a patch of rapid waters.

I had hoped and planned this year to be hosting more live gatherings for my community, my clients and my business... Shift.

I wanted to be inviting you to the amazing retreats, workshops, seminars and conferences I would be hosting and participating in this year... Shift.

In all this shifting, there are some basic truths that guide me and keep me grounded. I have the things I need most, family, nourishment, and time in nature, I know how blessed I am.

Connection, community and support are my lifeline though. Even as we all strip down to the basics individually, there’s a greater awareness of how connected we truly are, and we need community now more than ever. I know I do.

I’ve spent years growing online communities and even though this year I planned on creating more live gatherings to nurture those communities and get to hug more people in person, I’m grateful that I’m prepared and able to continue serving in this way.

With all this in mind, I’ve created some new ways for you to work with me, more accessible than ever before to support you as you navigate your way through too.

I have six new One:One coaching spots now available for women on a mission, with free bonus access to my upcoming virtual retreat and masterclass. Schedule free intro call > HERE

The Art Of Rising, a free morning ritual challenge begins, May 11th. A free seven day challenge to create the ultimate morning ritual. Sign up > HERE You can also join our Facebook Group to connect with others joining in The Art Of Rising!

Keep an eye here to see how to enroll in my upcoming virtual retreat and masterclass, announcements coming soon!

This shift is inevitable, I’m here for it and here for you. Always.



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