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The Call for Feminine Leadership in Times of Crisis.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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It's nearly impossible to know what to do or say in times of crisis and war. There is one thing I know with certainty though, we need to feel safe to experience our feelings and also not be paralyzed by them.

The call for the feminine is rising and getting louder and more critical every day. The need for us to answer and rise and become the new tide is imperative if we are ever going to course correct, find peace and protect life. She is in us all and it will take all of us if we are to make it so.

May we unify under the banner of humanity and remember the will of love.

May we be the generation of women that turns the tide: That replaces generations of trauma with generations of healing.

That corrects generations of hate with generations of love.

That chooses humanity instead of sides.

May we unify under the banner of humanity and remember the will of love.

I’ll be here breathing love into all the spaces until fear and hate have no more room to live.

May we each embody our unique role for it to be so.

May we each add our threads to the tapestry that blankets the earth with this prayer.

May we do our part without abandoning ourselves.


am looking for women who are ready to evoke their next paradigm of leadership and answer this call. Please schedule a time to chat with me HERE I have two group programs beginning very soon, The Gateway and The Immersion we can see which one is best for you. If you join The Immersion, The Gateway is included.

May we choose the way of love again and again and again.

May we lean into the qualities of feminine leadership to guide us and inform us to lead in a new way in every arena of our lives.

THE WARRIOR: They seek to improve the quality of life for all beings. ​

THE WEAVER: They have the unique ability to see how things are interconnected. ​

THE PROTECTOR: They are highly intuitive. They protect their energy and environment and show others how to as well. ​

THE WAY-SHOWER: They lead by example and break old toxic cycles and patterns. ​

THE MIDWIFE: They create space for transformation and shine a light on the brilliance of others.

THE VISIONARY: They’re a natural channel to what’s possible and a gateway to the new paradigm. ​

THE CHANGE-MAKER: They help to create meaningful impact and bring new ideas to life.

THE CREATRIX: They show us that we can face difficult times and still experience joy.

THE SAGE: They hold the vibration of love and call upon the masses to rise up as needed.

May we restore, repair, reimage and reignite.

May we choose the way of love again and again and again.

With love always,

Lisa Malia


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