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Giving Your Most Reliable Source Credit

Do you sometimes find yourself minimizing your own inner knowing? Even though you know what's true, you dismiss it slightly as something mystical but not real and only halfway trust it without fully saying yes to what you know is possible and needed in the moment.

I'm noticing this A LOT lately and it's honestly breaking my heart. I've seen this tendency in the women I work with and it's limiting their ability to expand their work and step into the possibility in front of them. By not giving full credit to your innate wisdom, you minimize your ability to trust yourself and confidently take action.

I have to admit, I've done this in the past and even now I have to check in with myself to truly see what's holding me back in moments of resistance.

These know what's true and they want to OWN their magic and show up fully in their leadership but dismiss their own wisdom as less than the MOST reliable tool they have.

"Your intuition IS a reliable, credible source. Source it with the same authority and conviction you would give an Albert Einstein Quote." lm

It's time to fully own what you know deep in your bones is true. Develop access and trust to your innate wisdom and intuitive guidance so you can lead with conviction, confidence and clarity. And we need you fully in your power.

As we shift the paradigm of leadership we need to have people willing to embody their leadership with confidence and clarity to bring their work forward for the good of all those impacted.

Where can you give your intuition and inner knowing more credit to build trust and confidence in your vision and take your next aligned steps toward your souls purpose?


I'd love to work with you 1:1, so I created an eight week package for you to dive right in. I'll guide you through a process of developing a relationship of trust and confidence with your intuition.

When you work with me privately we can customize the experience to access the clarity or creativity you seek, work through any blocks you have, tune into your intuition and come away with real soul aligned actionable steps to fully embrace the next evolution of you and your work.

  • Six private live coaching calls

  • HypnoBreathwork® sessions

  • Plus Bonus Voxer support for eight weeks

  • Let's get started Love, Schedule a Clarity Call

With much love,

Lisa Malia


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