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Our Most Forgotten Truth

“Is this when you healed your relationship with your body?” a friend of mine asked when I showed her this photo taken during my trip to Bali.

“No.” I replied, “It’s when I celebrated it.”

I still get tears in my eyes when I think of this long, beautiful, at times painful journey. It’ll always be unraveling to expose new layers of healing and greater capacity for joy to discover.

I knew from a young age that my body held wisdom that my mind did not, unfortunately no one really teaches you how to tap into this source of guidance, how to love it and how to have a healthy relationship with your body and I often forgot this truth.

My teachings came from intense and sometimes traumatic, transitional moments in my life. I learned the hard way that my way of coping during trauma or intensity was to “check out” mentally and spiritually leave my body. I went somewhere else completely and more often than not completely suppressed memories.

During my recovery from breast cancer it all clicked back into place, in the most illuminating “Ah-ha” moment. If I was to enjoy this life to the fullest and really experience all that is available, I needed to stay in my body, and be present for the life I’m here to live.

I needed to develop a healthy relationship with this glorious vessel, I needed to understand her teachings, I needed to be willing to be in the intense moments in order to also experience joy. I needed her to forgive me for not recognizing her strength and beauty sooner, for criticizing her for everything I thought that she lacked.

I have a code I live by now, a vow really that I’ve made to this body to be in partnership with Her.

I guide you through this process to be in relationship with your body as one of the workshops in The Embodied Leadership Immersion.

If you feel called I’d love to see you there. You can find the sign up using the button below.

PS When I took this photo I thought I’d never share it publicly, but I turned 50 this year and need it say more? 😉 I’m celebrating everything.

📸 by the magnificent @norawendel


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