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The Abundant Feminine Leader: Pathway to Limitless Potential

beautiful, happy woman with dark curly hair and wearing a pretty tan blouse, smiling and laughing.

A new season of abundance is here and it's asking all of us to reconsider what this really means as a wise, visionary feminine leader. This is whole new way to lead that's regenerative and honors life force energy and our legacy so that you can be more energetically, physically and spiritually resourced than ever before.

It's time to reexamine our relationship to abundance and notice the subtle and not so subtle ways in which we block ourselves and others from opportunity and possibility.

The truth is, that it doesn't matter what you have or don't have if you can't tune into the possibility that surrounds you. Un-teather from habits, systems and beliefs that create scarcity, doubt, fear and competition so you can fully embrace the support we have and create a completely new way of operating that benefits us all.

On May 21st, 2024 I'm Hosting one of my most requested workshops, you can learn more about it and register here: The Abundant Feminine Leader.

woman with blond hair standing in a blue dress looking toward a brighter light. The Abundant Feminine Leader. An Initiation to Unleash Your Greatest Leadership Potential.

The wise feminine knows that when we center abundance, we center life and when we know that there is more than enough decisions become clearer and our energy and impact expands.

When you embody the principles of feminine abundance and leadership you'll unveil your pathway to limitless potential. It's time to evolve so we can truly live, thrive and succeed beyond our greatest dreams.

Begin by noticing what areas in your life and leadership that feel really good and abundant and what areas you feel there is not enough. Where in your life and leadership are feeling generous and aligned in your energy and where you are feeling like you're holding back?

By creating more congruence in your beliefs and actions you will naturally become more aligned generate greater outcomes for all. 

I want to make sure you can attend so I'm opening up the invitation with early access price of $44. Get the energy and the systems you've always wanted to create more abundant resources and greater outcomes for the highest good. This is for all visionary leaders and founders who want to tune into limitless possibility and generate more fulfilling results and meaningful experiences.

I couldn't be more excited to share this with you today, this is just our first step toward an even more collaborative way of creating incredible things in the world together. Inside this invitation you'll even see another great opportunity to stay connected and continue on this path. It's all right here, The Abundant Feminine Leader


I'm Lisa Malia, a women's health advocate, Midwife and Feminine Wisdom Embodied Leadership Coach, Nonprofit CEO, breast cancer survivor and mother of three incredible young women. I'm so grateful to have you here, on this journey with me.I help women on a mission to live with purpose have a more joy filled life, connected to their innate brilliance with trust, clarity and love.

Supporting women is my life's work, first as a midwife and later as a breast cancer advocate, coach and support community creator. I've witnessed how powerful women are even in, and perhaps especially in, their most vulnerable states, birthing a child or facing a cancer diagnosis. Witnessing the raw beauty and power of women in these moments is a privilege that has guided and inspired my beliefs and what I know to be true about all women.

I believe every woman has this innate beauty and strength within her, regardless of circumstances or experiences. Whether or not a woman has physically birthed a child or faced a cancer diagnosis the wisdom and power is there. I work with women to remind them of this deep truth to guide them through all of life's transitions.

If you'd like more information on how to work with me and we how we can start exploring what your needs are. You can learn more about me and my work and schedule a call HERE


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