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The Whole Point of Feminine Leadership

We aren't meant to rise alone. I know we comprehend this on a certain level but how often do you find yourself thinking I should have this figured out, or knowing you need support but not feeling like you can ask for it or declining offers of support and help out of pride and not wanting to be feel like you're not capable.

But isn't community, support and collaboration the whole point of feminine leadership?

How can it be so if we are rising with other women but with the idea that we don't need each other, so that we can support others but not allow ourselves to be held. So we rise, so we can keep giving, but never receiving... (spoiler alert: that's the patriarchy talking)

I know that feels edgy.

It does for me too. Some support is easy to receive on the surface, having someone cheer you on and brainstorm with you can feel great. The sticky part comes when the rubber meets the road and you may have stretched your resources too thin or an unexpected obstacle surfaced and its time for you to receive deeper support from your community.

I've seen it many times myself and with clients and friends.

"How can I be a leader if I myself still need support?" It's the prevailing sentiment. And it is THE thing that prevents us from being able to create meaningful change.

If we are weaving a collaborative tapestry of feminine leaders we must allow ourselves to receive deep support and care when we need it and offer deep support and care where we can.

And... we can do both at the same time.

If there's a place in your life that you are resisting support, I encourage you to breath into it and find a space that you can allow yourself to receive.

If you're looking to connect with some like hearted and incredible leaders, and lean into more inspiration and support. I've got three ways for you to dive in!

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2. EVOKE Her Collective: A new membership community I'm launching in October. Monthly workshops and rituals to connect and collaborate and grow in leadership together. $40 a month + Free Archetype Analysis Report, with three month membership. Reach out for more info and sign up early.

3. 30 Day Blueprint Design, a 1:1 Red Carpet Experience: Impact, purpose and soul expansion. Your success is inevitable when you're in alignment. Let's collapse the timeline for what it is you most desire for the next 30 Days and refine your energy and resources to bring that vision to life. This is for the woman who ready to devote to her next evolution, gain clarity and strategy on a project, a goal, a transformation or transition in a way that is energetically aligned and spiritually expansive. I have eight spots before the end of the year. Investment for 30 Days of VIP Support and Blueprint Design $1111. Reach out to save yours.

With much love and gratitude for you,


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You’re wisdom and strength is refreshing and energizing! Thank you!

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