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Why this bath wasn't the best self care.

Navigating change has rarely been easeful for me. It usually feels like I’m being dragged or pushed forward into a new chapter of life, that I’m mostly resistant to.

Even though there’s a promise or a belief that there will be something wonderful to celebrate on the other side, I tend to agonize over all the “what if” scenarios between where I am and where I’m going.

Like losing my job when I was desperate to provide for my family and being diagnosed with breast cancer when I was a single mom. These were by far, some of my most challenging transitions.

Feelings of overwhelm often take over and fill my mind and body. Rebuilding and reimagining my life and my relationships again seemed nearly impossible.

I have incredible support from my family and friends who step in when needed and regularly offer a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or lean on as needed. I am truly blessed and I take none of this for granted.

The truth was that job I had, wasn’t meant for me and something greater was calling to me, losing that job was the first step on a path back to the work I was put on this earth to do. And that breast cancer diagnosis reminds me again and again of what I value most in life.

I also have a phenomenal community of women who never let me forget how capable and powerful I am and my dear coach who is able to hold the full vision of my life for me, pull me out of the minutiae that trips me up and provide hope to illuminate my path forward.

Working with a coach has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given to myself. This bath in the heart of Bali was epic, but this moment would have never happened without the work I've done with my coach. It is the deepest form of self care and nourishment for my soul as I move forward in love, family, sisterhood, life, and work.

If you are:

*Curious about working with a coach

*Feel the desire to be supported in this way, as you navigate your next transition

*Looking to create change in your life while you up level your self care and self love and create a new way forward.

*I’m here for it. Let’s talk, together we can decide how to best work together. You can choose from my 1:1 private coaching or join an intimate community of women in rising, working and retreating together.


Use the link HERE to schedule your call.

With Love,



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