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5 Myths About Feminine Leadership

Common myths and misunderstandings about feminine leadership

. That feminine wisdom is only for women - feminine wisdom is for all beings our collective survival and ability to thrive literally depends on it. That masculinity and patriarchy are the same and both bad. - I love masculine energy. it’s the toxic masculinity that we can do without, the extractive, depleting, winner takes all, at any expense mindset and systems that we are up against. As they fall we must consciously form new models incorporating feminine wisdom or we are doomed to repeat these destructive patterns. That only men can exhibit toxic masculine traits - we are living in an extraordinary time, where women and non-binary people have more leadership roles than any other time in living memory and while this is great, far too many are falling into the trap of the old structures built by the patriarchy and are setting themselves and their business up to fall dramatically short of the impact they hoped to have or even fail. That Feminine Leadership is unproductive - this couldn’t be more false, it is the feminine that has brought all life into form, breathing life into projects and plans with regenerative practices for the good of the collective, it is her zone of genius.

That she is weak - also false - think of the shield maiden standing with her sword drawn or the mother bear standing before her cub valiantly, both holding a firm boundary, defending, calling for justice and willing to take fierce action as she sees necessary.

As new challenges arise and old blocks resurface we need to be increasingly clear of our purpose and intention so we can have courage and confidence to chart a new course and light the way forward. If you’re feeling the call to expand your leadership and ready to step into the next paradigm of leadership and embody your purpose with more confidence and clarity than before let’s work together.


My two month 1:1 coaching program EVOLVE is open Investment is $1500 - we can split up the payments if needed. You’ll receive: Six One: One Coaching Calls including Custom HypnoBreathwork® Eight weeks of 1:1 Voxer support Bonus Access to my 28 Days of HypnoBreathwork on-demand program Bonus Access to four workshops of your choosing during the two months The time is now, we need you fully embodied and leading the way for others to do the same.


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