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6 Myths About Feminine Leadership

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Common myths and misunderstandings about feminine leadership

. Ready to step into your next paradigm of leadership and embody your purpose with more confidence and clarity than before?

Let's dive into a few myths first so we can better understand how we got here.

Myth #1: That feminine wisdom & leadership is only for women.

Wrong. Feminine wisdom is for all beings. Our collective survival and ability to thrive literally depends on it.

Myth #2: That only men can exhibit toxic masculine traits.

I wish this were true but no one is immune and most women don't see it in themselves until they face some kind of loss, burnout or illness. We are living in an extraordinary time, where women and non-binary people have more leadership roles and opportunities than at any other time. While this is great, far too many are falling into the trap of the old structures and systems, unable to define a new way of leading and are setting themselves and their business up to fall dramatically short of the impact they hoped to have or even fail.

Myth #3: That feminine leadership is pretty.

It can be. Shine in all the beauty your soul wants. Be gorgeous in ALL the ways. But creation can be messy AND speaking the truths no one wants to hear, and acting from a place of love and courage isn't pretty. It's BOLD a f and not for the faint of heart.

Myth #4: Feminine leadership is unproductive, she is only meant to receive.

This couldn’t be more false, it is the feminine that brings LIFE into form, manifesting dreams into reality, and breathing life into projects and plans with regenerative practices for the good of the collective. Knowing HOW to produce is literally her zone of genius!

Myth #5: That feminine leadership is too soft and complacent.

Also false. Think of the shield maiden standing with her sword drawn or the mother bear standing valiantly before her cub. Both holding a firm boundary, defending, calling for justice and willing to take swift action when necessary.

Myth #6: That masculinity and the patriarchy are the same thing and both are bad.

We need healthy masculine energy. It’s the toxic masculinity that we can do without, the extractive, depleting, winner takes all, at any expense mindset and systems (the patriarchy) that we are up against. As they fall we must consciously form new models, incorporating feminine wisdom or we are doomed to repeat these destructive patterns.

Bonus Myth: Women are to competitive to lead and work together in a meaningful way.

A system that was never designed for women made us believe there was only one seat at the table and that we had to fight for that opportunity and then do our best to blend in and keep it... adopting all the toxic traits to keep up with the boys. We're not here for that anymore, we're changing the entire room, knocking down walls and building bigger tables.


Ready for spiritually expansive, soul aligned impact and living with more unapologetic joy, satisfaction and meaning?

The journey begins soon, come gather with like minded, like hearted, purpose driven women who get it, lay it all down, do the inner work, explore the depths of the new paradigm of leadership and expand your capacity to bring your vision and work to life.

What if I told you that it could even be more expansive, more than you hoped for?

We can't expect things to change if we keep showing up in the same way.

If you feel the pull at all you belong here. Evoke, The Feminine Leadership Immersion is open. Learn More


The Intention Challenge is an ongoing group using, The Intention Planner, Daily Ritual for Feminine Leadership by Lisa Malia. You can always jump in and access the resources and connect with the women in the group here: The Intention Challenge Group. Need a copy of The Intention Planner? You can buy it here: Shop The Intention Planner

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