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An Agreement To Live The Life You Were Born For

Something powerful was on my heart yesterday and I really feel called to share it with you. I want you to know that no matter where you are or how you're feeling about your current situation, you are sacred. Your life is sacred and your breath is sacred. I'm honored to know you, I'm so grateful to have you here and I hold your heart with reverence.

When I was a Midwife, I witnessed hundreds of babies take their first breath of life. Their first sacred breath on earth. It’s a most exquisite experience. There’s really nothing like it. Your breath is your sacred agreement with LIFE, to live. Every breath is an invitation and an agreement to live and be present in this moment. Prior to this first gorgeous breath from a newborn babe, I often spent hours, sometimes days with laboring mothers, breathing with them. Guiding and witnessing their breath, the power and presence and raw beauty in every inhale and every exhale is one of the greatest privileges of my life. I’ve also witnessed the last sacred breath of a few souls transitioning out of this world. So when I say your breath is sacred, your sacred agreement with life and an invitation to live and be ever more present and fully embody this life that you were born for, this is where that knowing and experience comes from.

Hold your heart with reverence love, breath into it and feel the life force within you. I have been guiding and witnessing breath for years. It’s sacred to me and it’s my privilege to witness you and guide you to deepen your connection to self and embody the life you were born for. It’s truly an honor and fills my soul. It’s what I was born for. I’d love to have you join me for a 28 Day HypnoBreathwork® Journey to support you on this path. We begin this Monday, February 21st.

Register today to receive a free LIVE bonus session with me.

Bring this new non-negotiable practice to your morning. For 28 Days we will work together to develop a morning practice that sets you up to meet your day with confidence and clarity so that you can bring your attention into direct alignment with your purpose and intention. Step into your highest self, bring projects to life and embody your leadership.

You'll Receive:

  • Custom on-demand Flow HypnoBreathwork® Sessions. ($80 value)

  • Weekly live coaching and guided HypnoBreathwork® to move through any challenges or blocks. ($800 value)

  • Community support (priceless)

  • Voxer group for daily accountability and guidance ($550)

Easily over $1300 worth of value for just $77 for you to transform your day.

Join us today!

The Experience:

The women I've worked with have said that these sessions have helped them to:

  • Understand their blocks

  • Gain more energy

  • Feel clearer

  • Detox

  • See what their next steps are

  • Confidently take action

  • Open a creative block

  • Receive the insight they needed

  • Eliminated their stress

  • Relax for the first time in a long time

  • so much more...

Guided by Lisa Malia, a women’s health and wellness leader and educator, midwife, breast cancer survivor and mama, feminine wisdom and embodied leadership coach, nonprofit founder and CEO. She helps people connect to their innate wisdom, trust their intuition and embody their sacred purpose to access a life of deep clarity and unapologetic joy.


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