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Breaking Free From Indecision Overwhelm: The Power of Inner Trust

Updated: Feb 13

The inifity self trust loop with arrows moving upward and around the loop from end to end. Beliefs on one end and Actions on the other.

The surest path out of indecision overwhelm is to expand your capacity to hold the realm of possibility in the unknown, devote to your purpose, and trust yourself. You can not keep outsourcing your confidence and expect to feel like you're not an imposter in your own life.

You aren't meant to walk in anyone's shadow. This is a self-trust movement and it's not for anyone trying the fake-it-til-you-make-it method.

You're here for something far greater. You're here to experience growth, develop your gifts and see what's possible.

Go ALL-IN on trusting yourself.

Ultimate clarity and unwavering self trust comes from within and then becomes an outward expression and experience when you free yourself from false expectations.

Step into infinite expansion and possibility, clarity and confidence by creating congruence in your beliefs and your actions.

This is an excavation to learn where your blocks come from. Is it your beliefs or your actions or both?

Chances are they're connected.


Examine your beliefs, get to know where they came from. Which ones belong to you? What beliefs need to go or evolve so you can go where you want to go?


Are your actions in congruence with your new beliefs or your old beliefs? Create the new experiences and habits that align and will take you where you want to go.

Build your capacity for limitless expansion and grow to create the life you want.

Let it be your most incredible adventure. Get out of indecision overwhelm and move through the self-trust feedback loop on repeat for confidence and clarity.

I’m Lisa Malia, founder of Evoke feminine leadership institute. I dissolve the line between spirituality, leadership and business. I help leaders embody their purpose and harness their archetypal energy to lead in a whole new regenerative, resourced and aligned way so that they experience the success, joy and lasting impact they desire. Break out of the mould that is suffocating your inner wisdom and trust your intuition like never before. I’m the mother of three incredible women, a midwife, nonprofit founder and breast cancer survivor.

I am opening up 4 1:1 coaching spots for high-intent women looking to expand their capacity to lead and trust their purpose. Lean into their intuition, do the inner and outer work so that they can fully align and experience the success and outcomes they desire for their highest good.


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