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Unlocking Your Energy Potential: 6 Questions to Help You Align with Your Vision

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Ever feel like you're doing great meeting the demands of the day and checking everything off your list but then wonder if you really accomplished anything meaningful or got any closer to the really important, big vision that you have?

I so get it, sometimes we do this to distract ourselves from what we really want to be doing out of some kind of fear or out of some other obligation to a standard that someone else created for you. It's super layered so I won't go into all of that right now.

What I do want to offer you today is a gift from me to you. It's my personal energy audit that I use during every full moon to shed light on the big picture, so I can see more clearly and check my energy.

These are the six questions I use every month in conjunction with my daily practice to track where I'm headed. It's a practice for radical honesty to be in energetic congruence with your highest good and meet the energy of your vision.

  1. What am I most proud of right now?

  2. Have I keep the promises I made to myself?

  3. Am I holding anything back that needs to go?

  4. Where am I giving energy away? This can look like anything from scrolling on social media too long, holding a resentment that I need to address, ruminating on something I wish I had done but didn't, putting off a task, saying yes to things that aren't really aligned etc.)

  5. What needs and boundaries do I need to communicate and to whom, so I can set myself up for success?

  6. What would my highest most empowered self do?

There's a bit more to it to fully integrate the practice. Be sure to celebrate how far you have come, recognize what breakthroughs you've already had while also addressing areas where you've been giving energy away.

Get my free Full Moon Energy Audit download. HERE'S HOW ⬇️

Comment with the word ENERGY and I'll send you my Full Moon Energy Audit for you to use today.

NEXT, You'll want to make a list of your priorities for the upcoming month and compare it to what actually on your calendar. Are they a match? If not, what do you need to change or make space for more alignment?

Make the necessary adjustments and make a promise to yourself. What is one thing you can promise yourself to have the support you desire?

FINALLY, repeat and check in and track your energy again next month. 

Create a daily intention practice to support your big vision and have clarity each day about how you want to use your energy. 

Get the clarity you need, close energy loops and create the energy you deserve. Reply with the word ENERGY to get your free copy and I'll send it right over to you with a few extra tips to embody your energy.

Here for the evolution,



The Intention Planner that I created, is for you to tune into collective energy while also witnessing yourself and the life YOU were born for within it. It's a place to hold all your visions, dreams, reflections and manifestations, tracking your energy through the lunar phases and taking your most embodied next steps to create the life you most desire!

NEXT - Ready to dive deeper and go further? There's two ways you can work with me directly right now to really align with your intentions and elevate your energy and the work you do for the year ahead.

This is a REMEMBERING to evoke your innate gifts, power, worthiness, intuitive abilities, love, genius and capacity to impact the world around you.

For two months we’ll work together to develop practices that set you up to meet your day with confidence and clarity so that you can bring your attention into direct alignment with your purpose and intention. Step into your highest self, bring projects to life and embody your leadership with regenerative practices for a lasting legacy and your most beautiful life.


A Revolutionary, Somatic and Spiritual approach to Building, Creating and Leading your dream projects, programs and systems for the outcomes and experiences you desire.

1:1 fully integrative experience. We meet for a two days in person retreat or online.

Embody the dreams you carry and hold your power with integrity and create all that you desire. Bring everything you know about feminine rhythms into your vision and business.

Six spots are open. If you're not sure which one is best for you just reply to this email and we can talk to design the best option for you.

With love, excitement and anticipation for your next season,

Lisa Malia

I’m Lisa Malia, founder of Evoke feminine leadership institute. I dissolve the line between spirituality, leadership and business. I help leaders embody their purpose and harness their archetypal energy to lead in a whole new regenerative, resourced and aligned way so that they experience the success, joy and lasting impact they desire. Break out of the mold that is suffocating your inner wisdom and trust your intuition like never before. I’m the mother of three incredible women, a midwife, nonprofit founder and breast cancer survivor.


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