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Creating Regenerative Outcomes

There’s a new trend in the emerging leadership and the entrepreneurship space to “Fail Fast and Fail Forward”.

On the surface this battle cry seems like a great way to push through limiting beliefs, fears, doubt, perfectionism or imposter syndrome. It’s true that we all need that nudge sometimes to take courageous leaps forward in pursuit of our visions.

But as a long term strategy this is a leadership red flag.

If you’re in constant pursuit of the next thing or the next win it’s unlikely you’ll have the impact or experience you’d hoped for.

It’s not that you won’t reach some level of achievement with this mindset, you will. But, at what cost?

The thing is, this mindset will slowly but surely take you off course, missing the mark of your big vision and the greater success you had hoped for.

Without creating an opportunity to restore, reimagine and realign you may be leaving a wake of harm behind you. Your team may be very confused about your values, vision and mission and unsure how to execute on it, you may be burning out and seeking outside validation and taking in way more than you need to. Eventually this erodes confidence and trust both internally and externally.

Regenerative and responsible practices that uphold your values, vision and mission so that the impact speaks for itself and takes on a life of its own, to thrive in a meaningful and lasting way requires a process of radical honesty and a willingness to listen.

The process I use with my clients to enable leaders to embody their purpose with confidence and clarity looks like this.

It’s a cycle that honors the regenerative wisdom of feminine leadership.

Restore - Time to reflect and process, take up time and space to gather information and assess the outcome. Let it be imperfect, stay curious, ask good questions and really listen to all those impacted.

Repair - Nourish yourself and your team, delegate and take action to repair any harm done, conversations that need to happen, relationships that need clarifying, improve communication, close energetic loops, and rest.

Reimagine - Gain clarity for next steps, create space for more possibility, reorganize the team, develop strategy, align to the vision, empower all involved with a clear mission and values.

Reignite - Let your gift shine, let the gifts and talents of your team shine. Share, execute, build it, grow it. Let your vision be seen and heard, trust the energy of your vision to show you the way!

Begin again - For every milestone begin this process again.

This same process applies to nearly every area of leadership development, personal and spiritual growth and is one of the elements of my private coaching practice for Business as Ritual.

We are revolutionizing feminine leadership and dissolving the lines between leadership, spirituality and business.

I have a few One:One spots available before the end of the year to create your best possible outcomes. Message me and we can get started.


Ready for spiritually expansive, soul aligned impact and living with more unapologetic joy, satisfaction and meaning?

The journey begins soon, come gather with like minded, like hearted, purpose driven women who get it, lay it all down, do the inner work, explore the depths of the new paradigm of leadership and expand your capacity to bring your vision and work to life.

What if I told you that it could even be more expansive, more than you hoped for?

We can't expect things to change if we keep showing up in the same way.

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The Intention Challenge is an ongoing group using, The Intention Planner, Daily Ritual for Feminine Leadership by Lisa Malia. You can always jump in and access the resources and connect with the women in the group here: The Intention Challenge Group. Need a copy of The Intention Planner? You can buy it here: Shop The Intention Planner


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