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Demystify Your Purpose

I've written mission statements for businesses and wellness centers including my own nonprofit organization. Recently, I've been compelled to write a personal mission statement to align with my purpose, my why and my vision.

In business a mission statement is used to communicate the direction of an organization. It helps in making day-to-day operating decisions, when in doubt asking if the thing in question aligns with the mission or not simplifies situations that could otherwise pull an organization off course. It provides clarity, focus and motivation.

The more I've referred to a mission statement to provide clarity in business the more I've wanted to have more intention in my daily choices and create one for myself. I want to know that what I'm doing and the choices I'm making are in direct alignment with the vision I have for my life, sharpen-my-arrow so to speak, point it in the direction of my inner knowing and let it go.

Below are some of the questions I began to contemplate while writing my personal mission statement.

Who am I?

What do I believe in?

What do I stand for?

What are my gifts?

What have I overcome?

What do I cherish?

The lesson I keep remembering is?

I am a woman who believes love is powerful and

community is necessary. I stand for the liberation and freedom of all people.

I have a gift for witnessing women and holding space for them to see their brilliance.

And so on...

Demystify your purpose and create your personal mission statement. You have a full life, you may even be very fulfilled but where exactly is your arrow pointed? Feel free to use the questions I've listed above to get you started and ...

If you want to go all in, join me next week for a live workshop to Demystify Your Purpose and create your personal mission statement. In this workshop I'll share more of the tools I used to connect with my purpose and the deeper questions I explored as I wrote my personal mission statement and support you while you write yours.


On Wednesday, June 2nd at 10am PT

I'll be hosting a workshop in The Connected Circle,

Demystify Your Purpose and create your personal mission statement. Register Here


If you're not already in the The Connected Circle, or even if you are and you'd like to have this conversation 1:1, let's talk. I have three free Crystal Clarity Calls open this week to help you through your next steps and see what may be holding you back. Use this link > to schedule your Crystal Clarity Call.

Here’s what Carrie had to say after one of our calls.

“Our conversation today was very eye opening and brought me more awareness. So much vital information to share, listening to my gut intuition and trusting myself has empowered me to take the next steps I know I need to take.”


And if you know you want even more 1:1 support, I have four 1:1 VIP retreat days open now and I’d love to see if this is right for you! If you feel the pull in your heart to explore this just schedule a call with me and we can get started.

1:1 retreat days are a fully personalized experience, it’s really a full week of discovering, deep dive into your vision, clearing blocks, reimagining and creating a new way forward.

Here’s what you’ll receive 💗

VIP Embodiment and Integration Retreat Day

Initial Intake & 2 weeks of Voxer support

Deep dive, vision planning and intention setting

Coaching, embodiment and planning session

Integration Rituals

VIP Retreat Kit

Custom rituals and practices resource guide

Live and virtual options available > Schedule your first free call


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