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Please, Instead of Placing a Pink Heart on Your Wall, Do This:

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Please, instead of placing a pink heart on your wall to quietly remind women to do their breast self-exams, do this: Actually DO your monthly breast self-exam, actually talk to the women in your life and ask them if they did theirs.

Talk about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and talk about risk factors. Do it every month, hold each other accountable and motivate each other to advocate for better breast health and better care.

There is no consensus on what age you should start and how often you should be screened by mammography.

  • Should you start at 40, 45, 50

  • Once a year?

  • Every other year?

  • Should you get a 3D mammogram?

  • How about an ultrasound or better yet a full breast ultrasound? Do you have dense breast tissue?

The thought of a woman being advised to wait until she is 45 for her first screening horrifies me personally because, I know too many women that would likely not have made it to their 45th birthday if they had. But that’s just me.

The one thing you can do for yourself to gain confidence in your breast health and advocate for your best care is arm yourself with information and take charge.

  • FOLLOW the instructions in the attached self exam guide.

  • READ Three Important Questions To Ask At Your Mammogram Appointment

  • HAVE a conversation with your doctor, based on your risk factors, come up with a screening method and schedule that is best for you.

Breast cancer does not discriminate, it does not wait for a good time to present itself, it does not care how old or how young you are. Nor, does breast cancer care how healthy and fit you are. It will strike whomever it pleases, whenever it wants. Breast cancer is still killing 100 women a day in just the US.

I can not stress the importance of doing this for yourself. Breast Self-Exams are free, you can do them as often as you like, and can be started as young as you like. You know your body better than anyone, trust your instincts ask for support if you don’t receive the care you deserve.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Always With Love ~ Lisa


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