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This will forever be my work

Most of our deep truths are revealed during times of great transition or crisis. These moments challenge our identity, who we are, who we thought we were becoming and turn it all inside out. I see this everyday in the work I do, in my cancer support groups, I see it when facing loss or uncertainty of home, family, health, career and grief and during the transitions of motherhood and empty nesting.

A few things always stand out for those willing to feel the ache, do the work and come through the other side transformed.

And I’m seeing a connection here.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that while most of us were all isolating in our homes wondering how we were supposed to stay healthy, work and support our families our collective attention was called to see the deep racial injustices that this country, USA, was built on. For many, especially Black and Native Americans, this was not news and for many this was a radical awakening and still for many more, it was something in between the two.

When the truth reveals itself to you in life altering moments like the ones I’ve mentioned, it’s often very simple. You have to crystalize and essentialize what truly matters above all else in order to survive and allow what no longer serves your wellbeing, fall away. The truth is simple, life, love, health, family, nourishment, shelter, support, everything else falls.

Don’t get me wrong, just because the truth is simple, does not make the transformation easy or clear cut. It’s often a messy painful process to let go and reimagine your life.

And I see the connection here too.

Black Lives Matter, disparities and injustices are everywhere, feel the ache, do the work and let it transform the world we live in.

We’ve become more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our medical system and the disparities that exist within, especially for BIPOC. This isn’t new of course, it’s always been there. But I’m learning where I can do better to support, advocate and create equality, this will forever be my work to do.

If you’re White and you haven’t yet started your anti-racist journey, it’s not too late to learn, and move forward with a devotion to equality and justice. I’m here, if you’re feeling the pull to learn more, let’s talk. I’ll point you in the direction of the resources I’ve found most helpful and BIPOC leaders in this space where you can begin. I’m devoted to learning, to do better, personally and professionally, I know there will be loads of mistakes made, and I pray I make them with the least amount of harm possible.


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