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Six Ways to Becoming a More Resourced Woman

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

First, what is a resourced woman?

A resourced woman is someone who has a regenerative flow of resources in one or more areas of her life to use for her personal growth, and well being, for her family, her community, her business, projects, organizations or things she cares deeply about.

There are six main areas in which a woman can be resourced, these pillars that I’ll go through are by no means all there is but they lay a foundation for which to grow from.

When cultivated in alignment with your soul purpose any pillar can create sustainable change and leave a lasting legacy of impact for good with far reaching ripples that exceed what you can imagine.

If you’re in a place where you are struggling to identify with or claim resourcefulness in any area mentioned below, consider which one calls to your soul and sparks an emotion or idea. What can you do to nourish that craving and where can you ask for support?

  • Health, Vitality and Energy

  • Knowledge, Wisdom and Education

  • Financial Abundance or Influence in financial decision making and advising

  • Spiritual Guidance and Teachings

  • Love for Self and all Beings, Charisma, Nurturing and Healing Presence

  • Creativity and Vision

When we each embrace our gifts in collaboration we weave a web of infinite possibility.

We dive into how to work with and cultivate each of the areas listed above to align your gifts, resources and values with your sacred purpose and develop regenerative practices to support the greater good for all beings and so much more in The Embodied Leadership Immersion.


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