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Get Crystal Clarity for your next steps

If you've ever been forged by the fire of a deeply transformative personal challenge or experience, I've got good news for you. You have a direct access point to some crystal clarity. I have a couple experiences I draw upon when I have a decision to make or I'm questioning my next steps in a situation and wanting to make sure that the path I'm on is truly serving the vision I have for the future.

It's so easy to get pulled off course in the busyness of life, the little tugs here and there can start to add up and before you know it you begin to feel that you're out of alignment, things feel off and your sense of purpose and joy begin to wane. When this happens I retrace my steps I revisit those moments when I had the most clarity, where I found my deepest truths and felt the greatest joy. I remember the birth of my daughters how each one showed my a strength I hadn't seen before. I remember how clear my prayers were when being treated for breast cancer.

The intensity of both of those experiences crystalized the values I hold most dear, love, family, health and from there wellness, support and nourishment, for me, for my family, for my community, for the earth I stand on and so on...

Are the steps I'm taking supporting these values and true to the lessons I learned and honoring the promises I've made to myself?

Collectively we're going through the greatest transition of our lifetime, this pandemic has brought to light some deep truths and changed the way we live. Parts of the world are opening up and there's an energy of new possibilities in the air, yet everything has changed. Some of the most significant changes have happened within us. Together it's important that we remember what has been revealed to us as we move forward and create a better way of living.

Create a new path and live a life of deep joy and purpose.

We have been transformed, we're being reawakened to what it is we truly value. So how do we bring that with us into the new world without losing our way little by little slipping back into a way of living that wasn't really working for us.

I believe we do this in community, with witnessing, with sisterhood, gathering, sharing, supporting, and holding each other through.

Monday morning in The Connected Circle I'll be going live to share more about the tools I use to gain clarity when I'm being pulled in several directions or feeling overwhelmed to connect with my purpose and move forward. I hope your'll join me and the other incredible women already there.

The Connected Circle is a free community of purpose driven women to gather and lean into a life of impact, clarity and joy through sisterhood, ritual and intention.


If you're not in the group, or even if you are and you'd like to have this conversation 1:1let's talk. In have three free Crystal Clarity Calls open this week to help you through your next steps and see what may be holding you back. Use this link > schedule your Crystal Clarity Call.

Here’s what Carrie had to say after one of our calls.

“Our conversation today was very eye opening and brought me more awareness. So much vital information to share, listening to my gut intuition and trusting myself has empowered me to take the next steps I know I need to take.”


And if you know you want even more 1:1 support, I have four 1:1 VIP retreat days open now and I’d love to see if this is right for you! If you feel the pull in your heart to explore this just schedule a call with me and we can get started.

1:1 retreat days are a fully personalized experience, it’s really a full week of discovering, deep dive into your vision, clearing blocks, reimagining and creating a new way forward.

Here’s what you’ll receive 💗

VIP Embodiment and Integration Retreat Day

Initial Intake & 2 weeks of Voxer support

Deep dive, vision planning and intention setting

Coaching, embodiment and planning session

Integration Rituals

VIP Retreat Kit

Custom rituals and practices resource guide

Live and virtual options available > Schedule your first free call


Lisa Malia Norman

Midwife | Coach | CEO For The Love Of Cups

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Schedule a Clarity Call | Founder The Connected Circle

For purpose driven women who want to live with more intention, clarity + joy


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