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How To Bring Your Vision Into Form

Sometimes I have more inspiration and ideas than I can manage and actually follow through on. It's not a bad problem to have but it can leave me feeling like I sometimes begin more projects than I complete. It's taken me years to understand that's actually part of my gift. I learn best by diving right into a project to discover how it really works or how it doesn't and take that learning to the next thing.

I used to believe this made me good at many things but not great at anything, another lie I told myself. The truth is it's taken me a long time to accept that although my path may look very different than most it's no less valuable. In fact everything I share comes from not just education and training but my lived experience, the struggles and the triumphs because I know that someone out there can relate too and might just need to know that they're not doing it "wrong".

Alchemizing all the lessons with my passions and purpose was just the beginning. Learning how to bring the vision into form and let it become my reality was the next step. To be completely honest, this too has been messy and very challenging, perhaps even the most confronting part for me and it is ever evolving. Allowing my vision, my dreams, my work, and projects I believe in to fully exist has required massive doses of self trust, support from my community, study, practice and devotion to my truth.

I persist because I believe that our visions are our responsibility, that we each have a unique purpose and a calling to show up in alignment with our deepest truth expressing our gifts in connection to the greater good so we can experience the joy and satisfaction and freedom that comes with it.

This week I had the great privilege of speaking with Alejandra Torres. She is masterful at bringing impactful visions into form like no one else I've seen, and she does it with so much integrity, with sustainable, regenerative practices to leave a lasting legacy. You can dive into the full conversation on Episode 05 of The Sacred Purpose Podcast

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