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I Said Yes, To This!

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

I’ve been quieter than I intended to be here, I’ve missed you and my heart has been thinking of you. I’m traveling at the moment and WiFi isn’t what I thought it would be, perhaps that’s for the best anyways, here’s a little bit about where I am...

I said yes to this! It’s huge and at the same time time, it’s not. I was presented with the opportunity, the gift really, to travel to Bali, take my three daughters, go adventure and vacation with them. There’s a million reasons that this is way out of my comfort zone and a million more reasons why I couldn’t possibly justify this trip. And despite all that I said yes, I’m deciding instead to trust the timing of it all. First, I’m healthy and finally feeling good on a consistent basis. That’s huge! …. And my three daughters had a two week window where their breaks overlapped and they could join me, that’s also huge! They’re at a great time in their lives to be adventurous, explore and see new ways of being in the world. So I said yes and here we are.

This place is magical and everything we hoped it would be, the people and the lush landscape are more kind and generous than we could have ever expected. We are creating, taking it all in and celebrating all the moments here together. It’s truly incredible.

This trip also hasn’t been without feelings of homesickness, unplanned detours, several earthquakes and heartbreaking news of events back home, poor WiFi and feeling disconnected from people we care for and love. In those moments I have to dig deep, call up my reserves and TRUST that it will all work out the way it’s meant to. We are meant to grow after all.

Does saying yes to time off or yes to self care feel like a radical decision for you? Even if you say yes, does the guilt start to creep in about what you “should” be doing. How do you work through it, or does it typically prevent you from fully diving into an opportunity and hold you back?

Another radical approach would be to encourage and support each other in saying yes to the things that call to us and challenge us to create more opportunities for growth, healing and joy.

Love you all dearly, thank you for being here with me, you provide me with more strength and support than you realize. xoxo



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