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In Celebration Of The Not So Good

If we are to celebrate life, REALLY truly celebrate it, then we need to consider the not so good stuff too. Maybe even the awful stuff. Doesn't sound as pleasant, I know... stay with me on this for a minute.

We hear it all the time, live in the moment, live life to the fullest, enjoy the ride, etc. Easy to do when everything seems to be going your way. Maybe you're having a good hair day, you're healthy making good money or crushed your workout and you finally lost those five pounds that you've been trying to get rid of. Celebrate that! You should absolutely celebrate it, have dance party. I will even celebrate with you.

What do we do when the not so good comes our way, you get the news you feared, your body hurts, or a loved one is struggling? How do you celebrate that? Can you be in it?

I had considered myself to be a pretty grateful and caring person with a decent outlook on life. But I had no idea, I really didn’t have a clue now that I think about it, how much that would change once I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had been living my life day to day, week to week… without pausing. I was always thinking about what was next and what HAD to be done. I was not allowing myself to be in the moment. I mean really being in the moments and appreciating them, the good and the not so good.

In those moments, the bad and awful moments, there is clarity. Somehow everything that is truly important comes rushing to the surface. There’s a simplicity about that clarity that begs of you, to shift your attention to that which matters most to you. Pour your heart and your energy into that.

For me, in those moments, I most desire connection with my family, sometimes I need to cry with a friend and lose myself in the moment. Only after I feel all of it, can I step back and once again be grateful for the reminder of what it is I hold most dear to me. I celebrate that, even more than I celebrate the easy wins. I will honor it and celebrate that for you too.


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