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Nine Qualities of Feminine Leadership to Support Your Daily Intentions

Whether or not you call yourself a leader, I know that just by you being here, you already are. You hold the vision for your life and work and you are the one responsible for growing it.

I wanted to share some of the qualities of feminine leadership with you today to support you and your energy and help build your network of brilliant women in leadership. When you embody your unique feminine leadership style you gain more energy and clarity for your next evolution of our success.

Choose one of the quality listed below each day (you may want to save/screenshot this) and hold the energy of it to support your daily intention and guide your next steps.

Nine Qualities of Feminine Leadership: They seek to improve the quality of life for all beings. They have the unique ability to see how things are interconnected. They are highly intuitive. They protect their energy and environment and show others how to as well. They lead by example and break old toxic cycles and patterns. They create space for transformation and shine a light on the brilliance of others. They’re a natural channel to what’s possible and a gateway to the new paradigm. They help to create meaningful impact and bring new ideas to life. They show us that we can face difficult times and still experience joy. They hold the vibration of love and call upon the masses to rise up as needed.


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With much love,

Lisa Malia


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