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Set your intention up for success

Checking in to see how your week is feeling. Today is a natural day to take a step back and assess and reimagine your week, did you put too much on your to do list or do you need more time or support for other responsibilities, are you feeling cared for and able to honor your needs and create joyful moments.

I'm here to remind you to take a deep breath, step back for a minute, feel your way through and go in a new direction as many times as you need to. Let go of anything that doesn't align with what's true and meaningful for you.

A new way forward is exciting and holds so much possibility for change, it can also leave us feeling unsure and a bit lost as we create new paths, new ways of living and leading that never existed before. Our world is changing the lives we led a year ago no longer exist. Finding a new way forward now is really our only option and I’m here for it.

This is what we do here in The Connected Circle, we walk along side each other, lift each other and celebrate each other. We begin with Intentional Monday's, this week I spoke about ways of setting up your intention up for success, you can view the replay in the group.

Here's a little summary of what I shared...

If you feel overwhelm, resentment or fear starting to creep in, check in with yourself to see where you may be giving away too much and reset your intentions. Staying devoted to Self and my wellbeing is the only way I can truly show up for the people and things I care about. When I abandon parts of myself for the comfort of others or from my own fatigue, no one wins. My strength, my compassion, and my joy start to erode and fear, resentment and overwhelm start to creep in. The promise I have made to myself is simple, I will not abandon you, I will not neglect you. Only I hold the power and the responsibility to keep this promise, to check in with myself daily and see what it is I truly need and make choices for myself based off that wisdom.

Use the link above to join us for more. I hope to see you there.


If you desire more support and you’re ready to create a new path and live a life of deep joy and purpose being supported and celebrated let’s talk.

I have four 1:1 VIP retreat days open now and I’d love to see if this is right for you! If you feel the pull in your heart to explore this just go to the link below to schedule a call with me and we can get started.

1:1 retreat days are a fully personalized experience, it’s really a full week of discovery, deep dive into your vision, clearing blocks, reimagining and creating a new way forward. Here’s what you’ll receive:

VIP Embodiment and Integration Retreat Day

Initial Intake & 2 weeks of Voxer support

Deep dive, vision planning and intention setting

Coaching, embodiment and planning session

Integration Rituals

VIP Retreat Kit Custom rituals and practices resource guide

Live and virtual options available.1:1

Schedule VIP Retreat Day Exploratory Call

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