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The First Person You Need To Trust In Your Vision.

This might be long today, but stay with me. It's important.

I believe you have a great vision for your life and the work you're called to do. I have ultimate faith in divine timing so I trust that it's not only good for you but it's what the world needs now.

Unfortunately, I've seen incredible women doing incredible work loose sight of their vision and purpose, loose self trust and ultimately let it go. It's heartbreaking and left unchecked, it can leave a wake of harm behind it.

Losing sight of the vision and lack of self trust is the real reason why most projects, businesses and life goals fail.

For context, when I use the word fail, I mean there's no reflection happening to reassess and redirect toward the intention of the vision. This is really where the rubber meets the road and self trust and mentorship are a huge factor.

So, If you don’t trust your vision, who will?

When you lose sight of your vision, you lose self trust and you begin looking for outside validation. You start changing your strategy and chasing one “great idea” after the next to try and get more validation but you’re really just diluting your energy and your message.

You lose your authenticity and instead of sharing your most potent, powerful and inspiring self you find yourself scrolling through social media, looking for inspiration on what you should say and how you should show up or comparing your offers, gifts and goals to someone else's. It’s a super slippery slope.

Feeling overwhelmed by the vision and thinking you don’t have enough experience or qualifications to lead this vision or come across as capable or as an expert?

This is actually great news, if you’re willing to dive into all that discomfort and dig deep you will find a gold mine of authenticity waiting for you! You’ll also find you’re not alone and that there’s plenty of people who want to see you succeed.


Your vision is yours and it’s all the authority you need to trust that you’re the one to lead it.

And if you want to do it in a way that is truly authentic, do the inner work so you can show up as your most potent and brilliant self.

Community and mentorship is your new non-negotiable and it’s not a one way street. Be a mentor and a mentee. This is how we show up, to do things in a way that feels aligned, remember why you started down this path in the first place, reclaim you power and be supported by women who get it and hold each others visions and be accountable for your impact.

This is where the epic journey really gets good in life, love and leadership. You feel the connection, expansion and growth, you see the opportunities presenting themselves and you become more and more capable of taking each new step toward the success and impact you desire.

As you evolve and grow so will your capacity to lead and hold the vision with more trust. The results will follow.

I know doing the inner work so you can match your outward intentions isn’t easy and it doesn’t always feel good or look good but the rewards are magnificent and greater than what you can imagine if you’re willing to pause and “go there”.

This isn't a one and done process, or system you can check off your list of things to do. This is an evolution on a path that leads to your many great destinations, purpose, clarity, authenticity and freedom.


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