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Three Ways to Ditch the Devices and Become More Connected in 2022

My word for 2022 is Connected. I believe that when an individual is connected to self it opens up our capacity to connect to everything and everyone else.

When more people can connect and embody their purpose with clarity and fierce love to protect, heal and preserve the things that we care most deeply about...

the world will change.

We are in a period of deep transformation and I know change doesn’t come easy. Self trust is everything. Trust your vision, trust that you are responsible for that vision, trust in the process and be willing to make missteps. Learn as you go, offering grace to everyone on this path to make their own missteps too.

Connection is the way forward and finding people to support you on this path is key.

1) Connect to self. Become devoted to your morning routine. Find stillness to fully check in with what is happening internally for you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Move your body, identify what you need for the day and do what you need to support your energy and wellbeing.

2) Connect to your vision and your purpose. Create an intention for the day to align with your vision and purpose. What one thing can you do to create movement and support that vision, is it an action or a mindful way to embody the work you're doing, or both? Connect with nature to allow for more possibility than you imagined and let the creativity come through you.

3) Connect to your community. Share your vision and find the people that believe in it, dive into conversation with them and learn about their vision, collaborate and ideate together. The simple act of exploring new ideas will expand your capacity to connect with others and learn more about your community. Find ways to serve that feed your soul and give you an opportunity to share your talents and gifts. The world needs magic that only you can deliver.


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