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Three Ways to Transform Burnout

When it comes to burnout, it might not be that you're doing too much, assuming you’re not dealing with a health issue. It’s that you're feeling stuck and uninspired doing things that are out of alignment or without intention. Just getting things done. Very successfully checking all the things off your list, but feeling disconnected from your purpose and your gifts and struggling to find the joy in it.

Living in your purpose and expressing your gifts is the best way to create freedom, energy and inspiration, regardless of what you DO.

Here's a few simple tools to connect with your purpose and gifts.

🌟Transform your routines into rituals. What part of your daily routine can you bring more presence and intention to? Choose one to start with. Give it a little extra care, bring in mindfulness to the moment. Express gratitude for the moment and set and intention.

🌟Where do you feel unseen? Pay attention to where you're feeling like you have to hold back, are blocked or unexpressed. Get creative, speak your truth, embrace your wisdom and give it voice.

🌟Be of service. Where can you share your gifts and resources in a way that that feels really good? Consider a place where you feel connected and your gifts are needed and valued. How can your bring a little bit more of that into your day or your week?


Come with me. Expand the possibility in front of you, in a community of leaders and visionaries like you who get it.

More women than ever are seeking connection, fulfillment and mentorship, stepping into leadership roles and founding organizations and feeling called to do things differently and create meaningful impact in alignment with their purpose and calling.

If you feel the pull at all, you belong here.

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