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Where Are You Drawing Your Energy From?

I hear people talk all the time about protecting their energy and staying away from toxicity, things that deplete them and harmful habits.

What I don't hear a lot of, is people sharing about the things that energetically fuel them! Where do you draw your energy from and what gives you life?!

These are not just fluffy nice to have questions, I'll go so far as to say that they're vital questions to ask when you consider the work you do and the way you show up in the world.

I get it not all of our daily tasks are going to feel exciting but are you doing enough of the things that illuminate your brilliance and having the impact you desire, nourishing your soul and giving you life?

It may be time to take an energetic inventory and see where you can draw in more energy that fuels your work, heart and soul. And right now, mid-summer is the perfect time for you to shine more clearly.


I dive deep into this question during our 1:1 Blueprint Design Session. We take a close look at what depletes you and what gives you life to create a path for deeper alignment and answering the call within you to do what you were born to do.

It get's even better, can you imagine being fully supported on that path and joining with other women and collectively leading in a way that sustains and regenerates our energy rather than extracts and depletes us?

Which is why, I'm offering a limited amount of FREE Custom Blueprint Designs + 90 Min 1:1 Coaching calls when you enroll in The FeminIne Leadership Immersion group coaching program, now open! The Blueprint Design alone is normally $575 so this is a great time to jump in with both feet and receive layered support! The price will go up next week.

Here's what we'll cover during your Life & Leadership Blueprint Design Call:

  • Learn more about your primary and secondary Leadership Archetypes.

  • Learn where you draw your energy from.

  • Developing tools to support your feminine leadership style.

  • See how to harness your resources.

  • Align your gifts and resources to your vision and purpose.

  • Get meaningful support, lasting results and heart centered transformation.

  • Receive strategy for your next steps.

  • Answer your souls calling.

  • Rituals to support your evolutionary growth.

  • Work through a project, an idea or direction for life and leadership.

  • Gain Confidence, Clarity, Freedom and joy.

Plus you'll receive a gorgeous report summarizing what we discover on our call. I can't wait to see what comes through for you! It's the most impactful and aligned call you can make right now.

EVOKE, The Feminine Leadership Immersion is a twelve-week group coaching experience so you'll get to know other incredible women there. You can learn more about it and ENROLL IN The Feminine Leadership Immersion HERE and get your Blueprint Design Free.

We begin in September but the price will go up next week, so you'll want to reserve your spot asap if this is calling to you.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. I'm here for all of it and sending you much support for your next steps.

With Love,

Lisa Malia


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