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Women That SEE YOU, a Key Element in Feminine Leadership.

I want to share what really healed me after I got breast cancer, if you're curious to know why this is one of the key elements of my feminine leadership coaching, I recommend grabbing a cup of tea and breathing into your heart for this one.

There are women that know you and support you, and then there are women that SEE YOU.

Without women like this in my life I wouldn't be who I am today.

There was a time in my life when all was lost. When I got breast cancer I was a divorced singe mom grinding away everyday to survive, and I was doing it really well by all the usual standards. But at this point I'd lost my job and my home and about to learn what it really meant to survive.

I knew everything in my life was changing and I had to change but I had no idea how. The thought of it was overwhelming. I just had a deep knowing that I would not make it if I fought to get that version of myself back, the one just before I got diagnosed.

I needed to let her go, love her but let her go.

I made a promise to myself, that no matter what it took, I would not go back, I would not fight to get that life back. I would find a better way to survive.

I intentionally sought out spaces where I could safely explore the other parts of myself that never really had a chance to grow, I sought out women's circles and retreat spaces for me to evolve and REMEMBER who I was, who I am and always have been.

I sought out places to unravel so I could see all parts of me laid out and discover what parts of me were mine and what parts were the beliefs and conditioning passed onto me.

I sat in women's circles that offered space for me to practice sharing and speaking my truth, my story, my courage, and allowed me to meet my highest self, trust my intuition and see my life and myself in a whole new way.

This is where I met the women I didn't know I was praying for, women who also wanted to evoke their highest selves, see what SHE was capable of and lead their life in a more regenerative, powerful and beautiful way. We healed each other as we healed ourselves and we added our salve to help heal the collective sister wound.

I learned what was possible when women come together in this way and the incredible impact it can have when we hold each others dreams and manifest the lives we were born for.

These are the women that hold the threads of your stories and assist as you weave them together AND remind you WHO you are when it seems like you've forgotten. These are the women that fully see the depths of your power, they know the fire that forged you and they hold your heart with incredible care.

This is why rites of passage, women's circles and reclaiming ritual is such an important element of the work I do as a feminine leadership coach, We are here to do everything differently if we are going to survive and heal, so we don't return to the old depleting ways of existing.

We need a place to evolve, expand and explore how to lead from a new place, to trust ourselves and our intuition even more, to take this even further and rise even higher so that the work we do can exist beyond us, that we can bring it into our lives, communities and businesses.


Like you, I've been craving more in person, events, retreats, connection, community and transformational experiences to embody the next evolution of my growth. I couldn't delay any longer in just making it all possible for us to retreat in person, for a luxurious, beautiful, transformative and fully expansive experience.

That's why I'm adding a full two day retreat to Evoke, The Feminine Leadership Immersion, my twelve week, group coaching program.

The leadership immersion will still begins next month where we'll meet virtually for twelve weeks and then January 19th & 20th we'll dive in for a glorious two day retreat together in Southern California. 🤍🔥💫

I can't tell you how excited I am to host this for all of you. It's going to be pure magic with a dose of sisterhood, fun and nourishment.

This year we are going deeper and expanding further.

You can expect to feel more.

More excited, more intuitive, healed, relaxed, powerful, clear, joyful, aligned and happy. All while being held in retreat and connected to other incredible incredible women.

The cost of the program includes the two day retreat and meals but does not include accommodation or travel to and from the retreat space.

There has never been a better time to dive in. Now is the time to enroll to secure your space and begin with your bonus 1:1 coaching call.

I sincerely hope to see you there.

With love, excitement and anticipation,

Lisa Malia


The Intention Challenge is an ongoing group using, The Intention Planner, Daily Ritual for Feminine Leadership by Lisa Malia. You can always jump in and access the resources and connect with the women in the group here: The Intention Challenge Group. Need a copy of The Intention Planner? You can buy it here: Shop The Intention Planner


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