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You Might Not Know This About Me...

I keep hearing the same message lately, be WITH the women. I’m not sure if you know this about me but, my first career was that of a midwife. I guided women through pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. I was so privileged to witness them in their most beautiful and raw power. Midwife literally means with-woman. I have always been wildly passionate about women embracing their full power and advocating for what they KNOW is best for their body.

Life has a way of redirecting us though. At one point, in one of my many redirects, I was hustling in a male dominated industry, in the corporate office, where I was one of only two women. This was the exact opposite of being a midwife. There were many lessons learned there, and so for that I’ll always be grateful.

Grateful now that I after being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, I remembered. I remembered what I needed, I need to be with the women. With women sharing wisdom, insight, humor, love, support and friendship without judgement. WE NEED THIS. As my treatments were coming to an end I found myself craving this more and more.

I knew that there was more healing to do. The doctors had given me the all clear, but I knew if I ever wanted to feel complete and whole again I needed to surround myself with women. I joined an all female yoga studio, and later enrolled in feminine leadership trainings. I started an online support group for all my breast cancer sisters. I joined women's business circles and women's masterminds. I became obsessed with reconnecting, it was and is wonderful, and exactly what I need.

I knew there needed to be more of this, I wanted more of this and I wanted to have healing communities available for women specifically going through breast cancer. That’s why I’ve created these offerings, this is your path to walk, but you don’t need to walk it alone.

I found that witnessing the raw power and beauty of a woman facing breast cancer, is a lot like witnessing them in childbirth, and the message is the same, be with the women. This is how we will heal, this is how we will reconnect to ourselves and experience our fullest strength.


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