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The Body Wisdom Winter Retreat

Claim your seat at the fire of your heart and tend to the flames of your deepest wisdom.

The level of collective uncertainty in our world is especially high right now, everything is changing and transformation is inevitable. If we hope to navigate our way through this time, we need women deeply rooted, holding the vision of safety, love, abundance and possibility to lead the way.

This is where trust in yourself needs to be dialed up to 10, and ability to withstand the unknown dialed up to infinite possibilities. Self trust is everything, your body holds the wisdom that will illuminate the path.

Before we can talk about growth and rising, we need to sink into our roots and check the soil. Are you caring for yourself, where do you need more support, more nourishment, what responsibilities do you have, what agreements have you made that need strengthening or dissolving to move forward in a new way?

It’s messy out there right now, we can’t afford to be consumed by fear. The world needs you rooted in your brilliance and wisdom.

The journey we take back to our true self is made all the more powerful when you walk it alongside your sisters. Sisters who are traveling down a similar path, the ones who are ready to rise into the Women they know deep down they are, to support you all in unlocking the most powerful parts of yourself so you can truly rise into the Woman that deep down you know you are too.

As you rise and transform so will the world around you.

I’ve learned that my work is mine to do, just as your work is yours to do, but that it helps tremendously to be supported while you navigate the big questions, untangle all the unknowns, and take the steps necessary to bring you closer to your vision.



The Experience

Community & Body Wisdom

  • Live in reciprocity with your body in tune with the cycles of the season.

  • Tend to wounds and mend your relationship with your body to live and feel more fully present and alive.

  • Connect to your purpose and tend the flames of your heart to bring your vision to life.

  • Find your soul squad of women to support and celebrate.

This program is for...

Women on a mission to live with purpose who...

  • Feel something calling them forward to share their vision

  • Feel alone, disconnected, lost, or ​uncertain about their current path

  • Want to grow a deeper relationship with their intuition​

  • Want to feel more alive and connected to their body

  • Know there is something more for them but not sure where to start

  • ​Are seeking a deeper sense of healing

  • ​Are seeking a safe space to explore the depths of themselves feeling heard, seen, and supported

  • ​Are ready to rise and are seeking a community of like hearted Women to heal and rise alongside them

If that's you... SIGN UP HERE


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