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Your Soul Squad of Women want to meet you too.

I could not do life without my soul Squad of Women who see me for all that I am and hold me in my truth. They remind me of my of my brilliance and ability to lead when I lose my way and get tangled in my own mess. The reflection of their love and their brilliance helps me see my own.

We laugh with tears in our eyes and hold each other firmly while we find our way through the confusion and celebrate each others wins.

I used to marvel at how I met most of my sisters in online community and how it quickly became a real world sisterhood.

Now I marvel at how my local community and even some family have become virtual and the two aren't that different anymore.

What's most true right now, is that our communities are changing AND we still very much need connection. Community and Sisterhood are vital to our survival and our wellbeing. We need more feminine leadership and we need each other to reflect our brilliance and stand shoulder to shoulder with as we navigate and shape this new world.

The Body Wisdom Winter Retreat is designed to bring women together and create more circles of women who band together and form lifelong friendships. This is what we will all need as we move into the new year. I sincerely hope you'll join us.

Your soul squad of women want to meet you too.

Are you coming?


What you’ll receive...

  • A six week, online course and community of like hearted women providing connection, support, empowerment, witnessing, honoring and celebrating.

  • Weekly workshops to support you in mindfulness, body wisdom, healing, relationships, nourishment, self love for thriving in life and more.

  • Weekly Community Community Calls, to connect, dive deeper into the work, offer support and answer questions.

  • Beautiful Gifts & Sweet Surprises along the way! So much to share with you!

  • An intimate community of women to journey with through this program, including optional small sister groups.

  • Guided invitations to work through materials filled with exercises, self care rituals, conversations, meditations, and prompts to integrate into your daily life.

  • You’ll be invited to a private and sacred online community, where you can share your process and discoveries with the other Women who are journeying and moving through the program with you.



Scalable pricing, sponsorships and scholarships available to create space for all women.

Choose the payment option that is best for you right now.

  • Pay full price of $297 if you financially resourced

  • Pay discounted price of $147 if needed

  • If you wish to contribute toward a sponsorship pay $397

  • You may also request a scholarship spot on the registration page by using the email link provided.



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