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A Season of Deep Rest

A season of rest. Deep unapologetic REST as a revolutionary act. Rest in devotion to showing up in service to the higher good. Rest in service to your souls mission. Rest with care for your body to restore wellness. Rest the heart and tend to its longings. Rest the mind and let the dreams reveal themselves.

Note to Self: We need you well.

Maybe it’s because I’m further north this winter and it’s dark by 4pm but I have been needing a lot of sleep, not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s the kind of sleep that is unyielding in its request. It’s more than sleep though and I can only compare it to the way a bear must feel preparing for hibernation. In my quest to understand this need for rest in the darker days of winter, and since I’m a Capricorn and earth wisdom is the language of my soul I’m leaning on the bear for guidance here.

The difference between sleep and rest feels like a choice, to claim it, free of guilt, free of all the judgement around what you “should” be doing. The bear doesn’t apologize for resting, she just does it because it’s necessary, she knows this and she trusts the wisdom of her body. It’s a requirement for showing up as your most powerful self.

I believe that less resistance is the key to true rest.

Changes are happening, this year has been a lot. There is more to come. Rest up loves. We need each other well.

I believe in us.

More thoughts on this coming soon, now I rest and let the dreams flow.


Hi I'm Lisa Malia, I work with women to guide them to their deepest truth through all of life's transitions. Supporting women is my life's work, first as a midwife and later as a breast cancer advocate, coach and support community creator. I've witnessed how powerful women are even in, and perhaps especially in, their most vulnerable states, birthing a child or facing a cancer diagnosis. Witnessing the raw beauty and power of women in these moments is a privilege that has guided and inspired my beliefs and what I know to be true about all women.

I believe every woman has this innate beauty and strength within her, regardless of circumstances or experiences. Wether or not a woman has physically birthed a child or faced a cancer diagnosis the wisdom and power is still there. I work with women to remind them of this deep truth to guide them through all of life's transitions.

If you'd like more information on how to work with me and we how we can start exploring what your needs are. You can learn more about me and my work and schedule a call HERE



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